Former Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire and Trump will reshape the Supreme Court

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The US Supreme Court will announce the final series of judgments before the start of the summer vacation this week, including a final ruling on the Tripé trip. However, compared to the ruling itself, the neutral court judge Anthony Kennedy's retirement rumors are more interesting, if Trump took the opportunity to appoint a new conservative judge, the US Supreme Court has been the balance of state or will be break in.

Although there is no clear information that July will be over 81 years old Anthony Kennedy retired, but some of his former assistant said he was taking this into account. If the exact message will be announced in the Supreme Court Monday morning after the announcement of the verdict.

Former Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire and Trump will reshape the Supreme Court

Neutral court judge Anthony Kennedy

Anthony Kennedy has repeatedly refused to respond to media questions about his retirement plan. On Saturday (24th) late, Kennedy had met with some former assistants, and several participants said he did not disclose the information.

If Kennedy retires, Trump will have a chance to reshape the Supreme Court to keep a more conservative state in the next few decades. Trump had previously appointed a conservative judge Neil Gorsuch, but Neil Gorsuch replaced the original position of another conservative judge Antonine Scalia. Therefore, if you can assign a conservative judge to replace the position of the neutral judge Anthony Kennedy, Trump will make the Supreme Court more inclined to conservative forces.

Kellyanne Conway, a consultant at Trump, refused to respond to questions about whether the White House had anything to do with Anthony Kennedy on Sunday when he attended ABC television.

On Monday, the Supreme Court 9 judges will decide on six cases, and the decision on the Trump travel ban will not be on the agenda of the judges Monday.

A total of three of these decisions related to immigration, the most striking of which, the judges will discuss whether the immigrants were able to apply for release if the immigrants were detained by the US government for more than six months if they had not yet entered the expulsion process The With the increasing control of immigration in the United States, this decision will largely affect the final fate of immigrants, in addition, with the increasing number of immigrants, can there be sufficient institutions and resources to continue to maintain immigration Is also the federal government to continue to solve the problem. In addition, Monday's judgment will determine whether a lawful immigrant may be expelled after committing any offense.

With regard to the travel ban, the judges wanted to finish the job before the start of the summer vacation, and the Trump government hoped that the ban would continue to take effect while the proceedings were taking place.