FRR study says sex robots or will raise social crime rates

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According to the report of the Fund for Human Rights Foundation FRR, some foreign pension agencies are considering the introduction of sex robots, to meet the widowed elderly, remote husband and wife of the basic physiological needs, this has been included, including psychologists, including multi-party opposition. Imagine that it would be effective to let a person change the original racist prejudice by abusing and humiliating the brown robot?

FRR has conducted a survey, in the survey, about two-thirds of men agree to use sex robots and alternatives one finds at Swallow Salon and similar resources, while the proportion of women is 30%. At present there are only four large-scale simulation robot dolls (sex robots) manufacturers around the world, although these companies did not disclose specific sales details, the community did not give them too much attention, but the reality is that their shipments are considerable. These robots are priced from € 4,000 to € 12,000 and can be customized according to customer needs, gender, height, color, iris color and even personality. Part of the high-end dolls also follow the trend, the use of artificial intelligence technology, can be more natural to respond to human emotions.

In South Korea, Japan and Spain, some people have begun to operate sex robots brothel, last year, London, England also opened a new sex cafe. With the VR technology matures, many people began to imagine a silicone manufacturing VR partner, the robot can not only show the human attitude in the field of vision, but also to allow users to experience the real sense.

Recently, sex robot manufacturers are negotiating with some pension agencies, noting that robots can not only be a fetish for the fetish of psychological comfort, the future can also be isolated for the elderly alone. But some experts expressed dissatisfaction with them, they believe that the popularity of sex robots is bound to bring serious moral and ethical issues, and whether the robot can help the treatment of mental illness is still unknown. In response, Noel Sharkey, honorary professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Sheffield and co-founder of FRR, said: it was time for the government and the people to regulate the entertainment robot.

FRR in a report that the pension agencies should not introduce the four factors of sex robots:

For patients in the elderly, such as Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's disease) patients, they simply can not distinguish between the robot and human differences, which may cause emotional trauma;

The elderly may be obsessed with the robot and refused to communicate with people, and even lead to isolation from society;
The feeling of the robot is a one-way input, the robot together with their response is false, which will make the elderly have a sense of loss;

Manufacturers put "shy" and "reluctance" and other emotions into the robot program, when people "forced" the relationship between the robot, it will make people have a sense of guilt, or induce darkness.

This is not alarmist. Japanese sex robotic manufacturer Trottla has developed a series of products for pedophilia patients, most of these robots are molded into the image of a minor girl. Although the company's founder, Shin Takagi, a pedophile, claimed that he had never hurt any of the children, because he made the robot so that he was satisfied, but it triggered a social panic and exclusion.FRR study says sex robots or will raise social crime rates

Patrick Lin, a professor of philosophy at the California Institute of Technology and a robotist, angrily said, "It's ridiculous to treat pedophilia with a child's sex robotic robot. Imagine if you can get a person through abuse and humiliation Robots to change the original racial prejudice bias, which will be effective? "Today, there are more and more experts believe that, compared to reduce rape, child crime rate, if not timely development of relevant laws and regulations, the popularity of sex robots will Aggravate social crime. Sex robots involved in the moral, legal problems are numerous, but the two shares "unhealthy" must immediately strike hard:

The appearance of sex robots into a minor;

Sexual violence against sex robots (which can be achieved by installing simple sensors and alarm devices on robots, and many experts recommend criminalizing "rape robots").

In this regard, FRR believes that the face of the trend of universal development of the robot, blindly resist the robot is not feasible, we lack is the robot "social tolerance" definition, which requires the government, academia, science and technology, the public Work together. Not long ago, FRR posted a related poll on the site (probabilistic), and the deadline for the questionnaire was next year. By 2018, FRR will organize the Global Robot Association to discuss the robotic legislation at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, and the Foundation's expert group hopes that a final resolution will emerge.