German media said Mobike bike is “idiot economy” prospects worrying

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Idiot Economy: China's shared bubble, Germany "Economic Weekly" July 29 as the title of the development of China's rapid evaluation of the development of cycling Mobike bike, and that its prospects worrying. At the same time, China shared cycling companies are entering the UK, Austria, Switzerland and other European markets. Reported that, Mobike cycling in 100 cities in China is currently operating more than 5 million shared bicycles, up to 100 million users.

Mobike bike represents the trend of venture capital in China, "Economic Weekly" said that Chinese investors are very obsessed with the shared economic business model. Starting from the drop trip, now, hire an umbrella or cycling start-up companies are also a lot of investment. However, most companies do not make money despite their rapid growth.

"Economic Weekly" quoted experts as saying that shared prosperity could eventually burst. Mobker bike business model is tantamount to idiot economy: 250 yuan per vehicle value, must be used 5 times a day in order to get back the principal in a year. And Mobike cycling customers an average of 4 days to take a car, the price of 12 cents per hour is too cheap.

German media said Mobike bike is
Nevertheless, the pace of expansion of shared bicycle companies in Europe has not stopped. June 29, Mobike landed in the UK, in Manchester and Salford put 1,000 shared bicycles. Just two months ago, another share of China's bicycles, the yellow car, was low-key to enter the UK and 500 cars in Cambridge. Austria ORF television station 30, said from the beginning of August, ofo will be launched in Vienna, 200 shared bike for testing. The future price is 1 euro per hour. Swiss "Daily" 30 also said that the Swiss company will cooperate with Chinese enterprises, in 2018 launched a shared bicycle.

Germany's University of Cologne economist Rodolfo told reporters on the 30th, Mobike and other Chinese share bicycle companies are now losing money is well known things. The industry is still integrated, low price strategy should also be to capture the market. In addition, the robbery of the shared bicycle consumers is to snatch the data, and the user's data is priceless. He believes that sharing the bike into the European market is immeasurable. At present, China has about 50 million shared bicycles, the potential of Europe at least 10 million. Although Europe is now lagging behind China in shared bicycles, but it is a price advantage, Austria is expected to receive 1 euro per hour, although much lower than the current European bicycle rental price of 3 to 10 euros, but much higher than the Chinese rent.