Google and Facebook make the newspaper industry battered

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Traditional media and Google, Facebook's war is imminent. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal parent company news group, Bezons' Washington Post, and other US newspapers will seek antitrust exemptions from Congress to allow them to negotiate with Facebook and Google to change Balance of power.

Facebook and Google are increasingly controlling digital distribution, so newspapers that have ever published newspapers with trucks are increasingly dependent on these large online platforms, making online articles, competing with fake news, promoted content sites and cat videos.

This week, some news organizations will begin to strive for collective bargaining with large online platforms and require Congress to impose limited antitrust exemptions, which are mainly newspaper industry organizations.

This week, Facebook executives will meet with publishers to provide them with a new way to sell subscriptions on the site. This will be the latest in the past few months, aimed at improving the news content of local news sites, making it easier for news sites to run their ads on Facebook's instant article project.Google and Facebook make the newspaper industry battered

Google has made a similar effort through the news lab, which says it has improved its algorithm to highlight the quality of the news in the search results. It is working to help newsroom use new technology innovations and increase online revenue.
"We want to help publishers succeed in the transition to digitalization," Google said in a statement.
Publishers said they were grateful that Google and Facebook placed news content alone in front of millions of users. They admit that the platform is trying to help.