Google IO 2017 Developer Conference VS Apple WWDC2017 live

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Seeing the Google IO Conference for some time ago, Apple should be worried. In the last IO meeting, the search giant Google through the Google Assistant step forward in AI, by Google Lens in image search and detect their mettle, Instant Apps is redefining the web search, Google and excel in their own search business into job function.

In other words, Google's ecology will go far beyond the Apple software and hardware integration Empire, after all, Apple in Siri, VR, smart homes and cars have been substantially behind.

Google's approach is very clear, they are in the depth to attract data information to capture other companies on the survival of the platform, compared with Apple control desire, so it will be more slowly.

Of course, in June 6th, Apple will be held WWDC, they may use this developer conference also in color. Now let's see why Apple can feel the shock Why should they fight back on WWDC?

Google has defeated Apple in the following areas:

Virtual Assistant: Google's voice search tool has long gone beyond Siri, which is more accurate and responsive. In the next generation of Assistant, through the Google Lens virtual assistant can help you identify items with Assistant, take out also be nothing difficult. Most frightening of all, Google has opened these features to iPhone users.

Smart home: Apple smart home products, now the framework has not taken place, but a series of Google promotion at the IO conference, but let Google Home perfect beyond the industry leader Echo. In addition to identifying users, you can also implement hands-free phone functionality. I wonder if the AppleSiri speakers will appear in this WWDC transmission?.

Google IO 2017 Developer Conference VS Apple WWDC2017 live

Image: Google Photos this has many cool upgrades, but the most important thing is Google Lens features added, it allows the camera to become more intelligent, and fusion with Photos and Assistant depth.

VR and AR: Although legend has it that Apple will add AR features to the new iPhone, Google has already made a step forward, updated its own VR device and introduced two AR handsets.

Chrome: on the browser with Google again show their generosity, it can not only use on Android, but also on the use of iPhone, Google even announced Chrome boarded the VR platform.

Smart car: Google this no longer emphasizes the years of the Android Auto, they will be directly into the vehicle inside, through the Assistant control everything, and Google has found the Volvo and Audi two partners.

Search and database: this time, Google also strengthened its own search tools and huge database, through the Google search, find the job function, I'm afraid the British are afraid to join.

In the face of this in a threatening manner Google, Apple can certainly fight:

For example, Apple's information applications are not as powerful as Facebook, but they have advantages over the ever confused Google, and they have enough massive user base. In addition, Apple software update iteration fast, there is no fragmentation of Android problems.

On the search, Apple may never catch up with Google, but in VR, AR and smart home, they are still possible to achieve catch-up.

But not much time left to Apple now, if you continue to hesitate, I am afraid to miss the opportunity.

With WWDC 2017 approaching, Apple today added a new plate to its official home page, confirming that it will be broadcast live at 10 a.m. Pacific time, June 5th, at 1 a.m. Beijing time, June 6th.

Apple2017 announced the timing and venue of WWDC 2017 early in the year, and this year's developer conference will be held in San Jose instead of San Francisco, as we all know it. Announcing the meeting early in the morning will help participants formulate or revise their plans. In addition to keynote speeches, WWDC will host a series of developers' lectures.

After you find the WWDC section on the Apple official website, click enter, and you can add the conference to the device calendar as a matter.

WWDC has been a platform for the release of Apple software in recent years, but in 2017, Apple is expected to launch new hardware at the conference. In addition to iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11, Apple is expected to launch the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, the first 10.5 inches of iPad Pro and a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and the first Siri speaker products, it is expected to become the Amazon Echo competitor.