Google products: Social applications Google duo downloads 100 million times

Google’s 2016 I/O conference released two social apps Google Allo and Google duo. One of the Allo more like ordinary social applications, and duo is a video chat application, but it seems that the vast number of crooked country users prefer video chat, in the Allo download volume still hovering in 10 million, Google duo download has broken through 100 million times!


Google already has a lot of social software, and the hangout, Allo, duo, publishing so much social software on one hand is the habit of a foreign user to apply a function, rather than a micro-letter of the Unification application, on the other hand, also represents Google’s determination to enter the social market.

Google duo

Of course, Google Duo is also a high-quality applications, it has a feature of the familiarity familiarity function, is in front of the video to the other party to show the current picture of the initiator, so that the person who answered the phone ready, very practical.


Google duo popularity at the beginning of the release of High, released several days after the launch of Google Play free list of the first, very popular, so fast to break through 100 million times is also reasonable

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