Google’s own design Pixel smartphone sold 1 million

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Alphabet's subsidiary, Google, released its own Pixel smartphone in October last year. Although Pixel listed early strong demand, but Google has never disclosed the number of Pixel mobile phone sales, the industry is expected to this phone sales may have exceeded 1 million.

Some market analysts expect the Pixel mobile phone to market after the praise, the product this year will bring Google $ 4 billion in revenue, which also means that the shipments will be between 5 million to 6 million. Google is still only Pixel mobile phone classified in the company's financial data in the "other revenue". The company's previous earnings report showed that the first quarter of the other revenue of about 3.1 billion US dollars.

Technology media Ars Technica has noted that the Google Apps store Google Play desktop application Pixel Launcher installed has quietly exceeded 1 million times. Pixel Launcher is a desktop application that is tailored for Pixel and can be installed by default. The data also strongly suggests that in the past 8 months, Pixel mobile phone shipments of only 1 million, Google only through the Pixel phone received 650 million US dollars to 870 million US dollars in revenue. (According to the display size and storage space, Pixel retail price between $ 650 to $ 870).
For Google, this could be an embarrassing data. According to market research firm IDC statistics show that the first quarter of this year, global smartphone shipments reached nearly 350 million. Samsung Electronics is still in the first place with 79.2 million, but this figure is the same as last year, and the market share of the first quarter of last year from the narrowing of 1 percentage point; Apple is the first quarter of last year, the market share narrowed by 0.5 percentage points The volume of 51.6 million. Shipments ranked in the three after the Chinese manufacturers, Huawei to 34.2 million sales, 1.4% year on year increase ranked third; OPPO year on year increase, although 1.5%, but sales of 25.6 million sales weaker than Huawei, vivo to 1810 Million, 1.2% of the gains ranked fifth.

Although the $ 650 million to $ 870 million in revenue for Google and its parent company Alphabet is not what, but for the vast majority of smart phone manufacturers, this revenue certainly can not let them achieve operating profit.
But it is important to note that Google does not expect Pixel to make money. Unlike smartphone manufacturers, Google does not need Pixel to be the company's profitability because hardware is only a subsidiary of the company that provides strategic value through other means. Of course, for Google, the ultimate Pixel to achieve profitability is also an excellent thing.

Pixel is Google's first fully designed smartphone. In the beginning of October Google's product launches, the company released two new Pixel mobile phones to replace the previous Nexus. 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL have exactly the same basic hardware configuration, including Snapdragon821 processor, 4GB RAM + 32 / 128GB ROM, and support for memory card expansion. Rear 12 million pixels, f / 2.0 lens, support optical image stabilization, front 8 million pixel lens. Equipped with USB-C interface, fingerprint recognition module and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The difference is that the 5-inch Pixel screen resolution of 1080P, battery capacity of 2770 mAh, 5.5-inch Pixel XL is equipped with a 2K resolution screen, the battery capacity has reached 3450 mAh. The phone has three colors, including black, silver and blue, starting at $ 649, and iPhone 7 from the same price.

Pixel's listing, declaring Google Mobile products fully into the Pixel era. Although Google wants to use Pixel Android platform to improve the shopping and advertising experience, but the sales of one million is difficult to compare with the iPhone shipments.Google's own design Pixel smartphone sold 1 million

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a teleconference held in January that "I mean we were in the early stages of development and I think that when you work on a platform, you have to put it It is very important to move forward, so we always do this by launching the most advanced technology.I think Pixel represents our vision in the field of computing, and many users will use it.Therefore, in order to achieve the terminal to Terminal experience, it crossed the device. "

That's why Pixel's actual shipments are very different from analysts' forecasts. This is not because Google is unable to expand the smart phone business, but because the company is not interested in this. Google does not want to start a real confrontation with smartphone manufacturers.