On the morning of May 12th, the Brazil Football Association announced on the official website that the 35 year old Paris right back Alves will be missing from the Russian World Cup this summer due to the torn ligament of the right knee.

Alves was injured in the French Cup final three days ago when he was unable to insist on being replaced because of injury. Preliminary results after the game were not optimistic. The media worried that Alves might miss the world cup this summer.

Brazil team doctor Ras Mary went to Paris on Thursday for a physical examination of Alves. After a detailed examination, Alves was diagnosed with a torn ligament of the right knee and needed to be operated on. Paris had previously considered Alves’s absence of 3 weeks, but the Brazil team doctor said Alves’s injury would take at least 6 weeks to resume training even if he did not have an operation. He would not be able to catch up with the world cup this summer.

Alves was his main right back, but now he has to look for a substitute for Alves, Alves has previously announced the first 11 people in the world cup. “Global sports” thinks Danilo, Rafinha and France may fill the gap, according to plan tit will release the list next Monday, leaving his time is not much.

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