Hackers blackmail HBO $ 6 million Bitcoin, do not give to reveal “Game of Thrones”

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According to the Associated Press and many other media reports, following last week hackers announced the stolen HBO 1.5TB data, the US most well-known cable television network and this week suffered a new wave of leak, including its most The series of "Game of Thrones", which is popular with the episode, is further publicized, making it a bargaining chip worth $ 6 million for hackers.

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 Poster

Last week, hackers have been the first to release the "rights of the game" script-related handwriting content, "players" and "104" two drama has not yet broadcast a set of content.

To this week, hackers to "Mr. Smith" in the name, once again released from the Internet data from HBO: "Game of Thrones" five episodes, including the upcoming broadcast of the fifth episode, the film division vice president Leslie Cohen sent and received mail within a month, a lawsuit against HBO, several sent to several high-level horn letter.

In a video, hackers also described the "Game of Thrones" fifth episode of what will appear.

HBO has admitted that the data stolen, and said it would cooperate with the police and security experts to investigate. After hearing the second wave on Monday, HBO still said it did not believe that the company's entire mail system was hacked by a comprehensive invasion.
In recent years, Hollywood companies have repeatedly reported the news of hacking data.

In 2014, Sony Pictures suffered "mail door", hackers released thousands of letters to Sony shy mail and 50000 Sony's current and former employees of the wages, social security account and other personal information.

Hackers blackmail HBO $ 6 million Bitcoin, do not give to reveal

The event ended with Sony's $ 15 million investigation, making up for the injury and co-chairman Amy Pascal's departure.

In May, the popular movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 5: no evidence" before the release, Disney was confronted with hackers threatened to release the whole film, the result is a "wolf" oolong.

However, HBO this time is really met the "wolf". Hiding in the darkness of the hacker organization, holding a large number of not yet broadcast drama and film script, and other data that will cause damage to HBO.

In a video directly to HBO President and CEO Richard Plepler, hackers threatened to disclose more data if HBO did not pay "our six-month bitgings" (equivalent to $ 6 million).

The video also revealed that hackers spent six months hacking the HBO system. And HBO is their 17th goal, before only three have not paid ransom. "Our request is clear, and not allowed to bargain: only money to block your data outflow."

The threat of hackers is not groundless. At the end of April, a hacking organization called The Dark Overlord (TDO) published the first 10 episodes of the fifth quarter of the Orange Is the New Black on the resource download site The Pirate Bay.

The organization also claimed that there are other television networks such as FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, ABC and other drama and film, including the "Naval Crime Investigation Office: Los Angeles", "Jessica Driving" and "extreme agents 3" and so on.

Although it is unclear whether the two leaks are black out of the same, but it is certain that the target for the entertainment industry has shifted from the film company to a broader audience of television networks.