Honeywell develops aircraft on Wi-Fi system

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Honeywell, known for manufacturing smart home products, is now also developing in avionics and demonstrating its new JetWave system to deliver faster Wi-Fi systems. In addition to providing faster video streaming and FaceTime chat for board passengers, the system also allows pilots to obtain reliable data connections and access real-time weather data. The system also allows aircraft status data to be sent to ground maintenance personnel in real time, reducing delays, speeding up turnaround times for smoother flight, and allowing pilots to draw smarter routes at difficult flight locations.

Honeywell predicts that by 2025, there will be 25,000 aircraft in the world equipped with Wi-Fi connection, it has been using JetWave technology to upgrade the 20 airlines, including Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways aircraft. It has a maximum speed of 50Mbps per second, the actual speed is usually around 30Mbps.Honeywell develops aircraft on Wi-Fi system

Honeywell's custom Boeing 757 Wi-Fi system has an antenna installed at the top of the aircraft, allowing it to get signals from communications satellites. It is lighter than the traditional system of getting signals from ground launchers. Honeywell is currently a novice in this market. GoGo is a leader in providing Wi-Fi services with a next-generation satellite system called 2Ku, which outperforms other competitors on the market. Other companies that build their own high-speed satellite networks include Panasonic and Viasat.