How do I bulk download Tumblr photos? What is the Harley Tumblr address of the smoker?

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US light blog Tumblr really is a conscience of the site, before the CWCTV repeatedly recommended to the netizens. Tumblr was founded in 2007, Chinese friends more cordially called him "soup is not hot", it is really hot soup, hot on the incredible, Tumblr because it is too hot, so in China was closed.

Tumblr's blogging community is based on aggregates rather than mainstream social circles that provide services that range from traditional full-featured blogs and microblogs. The form of Tumblr is a streamlined narrative of the flow of ideas, the log is short and pithy, the trigger point is very casual - can be a photo, a video, an introduction, a link or even a flash read. Forgive my vulgar, tumblr I have been used as a wall do not have to use the 1024 website for the United States there is an Instagram not used to know, but since the use of Tumblr, no longer on the 1024, Ivy information in general Are input Tumblr blog domain name, you can start to download.

Tumblr is a lot of reasons for fire, but I believe one of the biggest reasons is that it does not review the contents of the reason, there are a variety of welfare pictures, so in Tumblr will see a lot of welfare pictures, such as the recent many people want Looking for the smoke of the Harley. They are very fine, how can the bulk of the smoke of the Harley and other Tumblr picture blog means to download back? You can try TumblOne:


In fact, the use of TumblOne method is also very simple, just you want to download the image of the Tumblr address copied to TumblOne, for example, the smoke of Harley Tumblr outdoor photo:


Copy to TumblOne, and then click "Add Blog", if there are multiple Tumblr address on the input many times.

Then select the address you want to download, click on "Crawl", TumblOne will automatically download all the pictures in the address.

There is also a way to download Tumblr video via the soup downloader ViDown

How do I bulk download Tumblr photos? What is the Harley Tumblr address of the smoker?

Download the Tumblr video method via the soup downloader ViDown

First, copy the web address

For opening tumblr in the browser

1, download a single video:

1.1 copy the video's web address;

1.2 Open the software, click the top left "New" button;

1.3 In the open new task interface, click "Download Now";

Example Address:

2, download the video list

There is a lot of video for a blogger, the method is similar

2.1 copy the web address;

2.2 open the software, click the upper left "New" button;

2.3 In the open new task interface, click "Download Now";

Example Address:



A Tumblr blogger has a lot of video, if only want a few videos:
Create a new task interface, uncheck "If the video list, download all";
This will appear the second interface "video list", in the interface to cancel the check does not want the next line

Second, ViDown software inside tumblr home page

For the tumblr home page in the software to open the video:

1 right download

1.1 directly on the page right click, click "with" Victoria Tang download video "

1.2 in the pop-up task window, click "download now", excited!

Batch download picture artifacts

360 browser extensions

Fatkun Pictures:


Chrome extension

Fatkun Pictures:


So a great part of the light blog on Tumblr is based on a subject of miscellaneous - entertainment stars, art and design, life aesthetics, and even some things that scratch the edge ... ... In addition, the hobby is based on Tumblr stream of consciousness The way, so many bloggers are really open big hole - only you can not think, no they can not do. On the pornographic content, Tumblr Tumblr bottom line is not able to release pornographic video, and pictures and text content is not specified, if published should be marked (Not suitable for Work, NSFW)


Smoker's Harley Tumblr Address:

Smoker's Harley High Value First-class, Smoker's Harley - outdoor show



Smoker's Harley is only shared on Tumblr, without any other platform! The The There is no WeChat, QQ The smoke of the Harley is only entertain themselves, not engage in what members like. Any money involved are liars, demons do not fooled!

Smoker's Harley is only in the soup not hot to share, no other platform, no fee membership, do not be cheated Oh. Harley just likes to play it, not what the amount of money ... ... photos are smoker dad shot. Want to dry Harley is very simple, ah, Harley like a clean and polite boy ~ this time the yoke to Harley with this account, I am interested in the private letter. Ok?