I test drive Tesla Model 3 these knowledge points you need to know

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In the Tesla product line, Model 3 is undoubtedly the latest and most "affordable" models. However, when I step on the Model 3 of the door, immediately found the familiar feeling, this is a Tesla with self driving car technology. Model 3 is still quiet and unusual, while the iconic crazy acceleration is not lost, and AutoPilot semi-automatic driving function has not been castrated.

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk always reminds users: Model S is Tesla's real flagship sedan, but if you are not the ultimate pursuit, then Model 3 is absolutely able to meet you.

In my opinion, this car can be regarded as a new critical point in the automotive industry, its arrival means that electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure has finally entered the heyday.

However, the fate of Tesla also need time to prove that Musk must be in time for a deadline to complete the production tasks, after all, Model 3 orders have exceeded 500,000, Tesla factory once the problem, Musk and the team will Feel the pressure of delivery. However, from today's delivery ceremony, Tesla is still bright future.
In order to ensure the production speed, Tesla only for the Model 3 prepared two configurations:

I test drive Tesla Model 3 these knowledge points you need to know

One is the basic price of 35,000 US dollars, it mileage of 220 miles (about 354 km), 0-60 miles / hour acceleration 5.6 seconds;

Another endurance capacity is increased to 310 miles (about 499 km), accelerated faster for 0.5 seconds, but the price increased to 44,000 US dollars.

It should be noted that these two configurations are used single-motor rear-wheel drive, dual-drive four-wheel drive version may be a few months after the official launch.

Of course, Tesla also offers optional services, of course, the price is not low. For example, the Autopilot suite is $ 5,000, and a platinum upgrade package, including oversized glass roofs, front seats and wood trims, will cost an additional $ 5,000. If Tesla to release when the automatic driving function, you want to have to pay another $ 3,000.

From the appearance point of view, Model 3 is a trumpet Model S, its trunk does not use hatchback design. But Tesla still said, as long as the back seat, the car will be able to successfully plug a mountain bike.

Although the use of a hidden door handle, but Model 3 door handle will not automatically pop up, it is used to press the open, the user's phone needs to connect to the Model 3 through Bluetooth to unlock and other operations.

At the same time, Model 3 will also be the traditional car keys replaced by a similar hotel room card objects, with this card touch the car B column, you can complete the unlock.

I test drive Tesla Model 3 these knowledge points you need to know

Interior design is Model 3 the most distinctive place, it will be minimalist style to implement every corner, looks full of the Nordic wind.

"In Tesla, everything must meet the standards of beauty," said Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen. "We will cut off everything we do not need, and create such a clean and minimalist interior."
However, Model 3's interior is also quite simple, in addition to the piece of 15-inch tapping screen, the traditional car buttons, switches and even dashboards have been cut by the designer, air conditioning, radio, navigation, headlights And so on through the screen to adjust.

Model 3 interior is another highlight of the air conditioning outlet design, a long flow through the entire console, there is no unexpected feeling.

Although the design of the traditional mechanical outlet compared to some minimalist and minimalist, but Tesla said its design actually eliminates the need for a lot of moving parts. On the details of the meticulous concern, I am afraid that we have become an important reason for Tesla fans it.

After landing light step on the Model 3 throttle, the car will quickly sprang out. The acceleration of the electric car is always surprising, Model 3 is the same, although it is not as Model S "violent mode", but the future of high-performance version I am afraid not disappointing.

Although this is Tesla's cheapest model, but Model 3 is still solid work, both the body and the motor are not abnormal sound, you can hear the sound only dry and noisy.

In the stall design, Tesla with a similar Mercedes-Benz file, steering wheel on the right of the control rod can control the parking, reversing, neutral, forward and Autopilot and other functions. In addition, Model 3's steering wheel has two rollers, the role is to perform such as adjusting the volume and rearview mirror and other operations.

I test drive Tesla Model 3 these knowledge points you need to know

Although the price is much lower than the Model S, but the Model 3 Autopilot suite sensor is not reduced (8 cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and vehicle computing platform).

Right now, Autopilot features more limited, but Musk guarantees that the future will give users full automatic driving function, but the upgrade time is still unknown.

Model 3 is not the first market-oriented electric car, Chevrolet Bolt and BMW i3 are their competitors, but at the same price, I am afraid no one can resist the charm of Model 3.

In Musk "Silicon Valley Iron Man" under the aura, Tesla has entered many people "must buy a list", Model 3 so conscience pricing in exchange for 500,000 orders is also reasonable.

At the 3th delivery ceremony of the Model 3, Tesla employees were worn out and witnessed the historic moment when Musk handed the car keys (cards) to the first 30 owners (both Tesla employees).

The first model 3 all sold to their own employees not only to reward their pay, but also to make them the first model 3 "mouse" to find the existence of defects in the vehicle.

After the brief delivery ceremony, Tesla's staff returned to the factory and began to work tense. "In order to meet the needs of our users, we will experience hell-like challenges in the next six months," Musk said.
Indeed, Tesla next year, but to complete the annual production target of 500,000.