In 70 years, the world cup was in full swing. Brazil overtook Italy and opened up football rule.

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The World Cup trophy, so many players, country dream. In the world cup (first 9 sessions), Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil and England had lifted the trophy, but they were only hoist and had no permanent reservation. However, in the July 1946 FIFA conference, the first team to win the world cup three times was established, and it can be retained permanently.

Under the leadership of Bailey, the samba completed their transcendence over Italy.


The most exciting thing is the Italians. Because they won the two World Cup in 1934 and 1938, only 1 times from the Rimet cup. At that time, Brazil did not win the world cup, and the best result was the second runner up in France in 1938.

In 70 years, the world cup was in full swing. Brazil overtook Italy and opened up football rule.

It is in this case that the Brazil team has completed the "transcendence transcendence" of the Italians.

In the first World Cup after World War II, Brazil was defeated by Uruguay in the last round of the championship cycle in the final round of the world cup, and the opponents of the world cup were locked in 2 times in the final round of the tournament. In order to achieve the dream of permanently retaining the Rimet cup, the difficulty is further increased. After all, the powerful Italian Uruguay had won the "match point".

Thanks to Bailey's victory, samba football ushered in the heyday and the rule of world football. They won the world cup in 1958 and 1962 with a huge advantage, smoothing the gap with Italy and Uruguay in one fell swoop. When Samba football dreams of completing long cherished wishes in England, the domestic turmoil and the military government rule, the Brazil team in the 1966 World Cup organization, the battle of incomparable chaos, Bailey's injury also let the team in the situation of personnel, tactics are not fixed in Waterloo: the team broken.

The 1970 World Cup is a "last chance" for Brazil: Bailey is 30 years old even though he has strong players like Rivelino. Moreover, the Italy team has gained the strength of winning the championship after the rise of Facchetti, Ma Zola and Bo Ning SNA. Not surprisingly, the Brazil team, who was killed from the death group, welcomed the Italy team in the final. The winner of the two will keep the Rimet cup forever, and no one will dare to relax.

However, Bailey led the Brazil team to perform better, and the advantage of technology and star strength gave Italy a 4-1 massacre.

From 0-2 to Italy and Uruguay to win the championship with a strong fighting force, and then to the 66 year world cup, after the 66 World Cup, the rival Italy, Brazil, the kingdom of samba, completed the feat without dispute: the permanent Rimet cup.