In China against Steam, Tencent WeGame into the Bureau of a single game

According to the China Audio and Digital Association Game committee, Gamma Data “2016 China Game Industry Report” published data, the Chinese game user size reached 566 million people, the game industry scale of 165.57 billion yuan, of which the single game market accounted for only 0.1%, the market scale of 160 million, is the share of the bottom of the market segment.


Although a number of lines in the industry to the interface news that the data is still controversial, but the industry consensus is that compared to mobile games, client online games, single game profit is low, small scale, “is the most difficult to dig gold in the game market place.” ”


Things are quietly starting to change.


Tencent WeGame into the board single game


“Small triangle on-line wegame (TGP) One months, sales easily surpass steam!” Thanks to Tencent’s strong support, from the online preparation to the operation of promotional support is very in place! “June 14, Dingsheng in the circle of friends released state, excitement is palpable.”


After resigning from a previous job, Dingsheng tried to issue a standalone game, “small triangle” refers to his participation in the release of the game “small triangle Hero”, the production of Shanghai Fat Pudding Game Studio, the game on January 21, the global single game store Steam, is a platform jumping game, playing similar to Nintendo “Super Mario.” Then, the “small triangle” in May landed TGP.


Tencent WeGame into the board single game


TGP, the English abbreviation of the Tencent Gaming platform (Tencent game platform), started operating in 2013, providing access to Tencent’s own online gaming and hand-tour. In August 2016, TGP announced a transition strategy that allowed access to third-party stand-alone and online gaming, in addition to its own games. TGP became a real online gaming store. April 20, 2017, Tencent Mutual Entertainment “up+” annual conference, Tencent officially announced the new brand WeGame to replace TGP.

“Small triangle” in wegame cumulative game sales more than steam, is Dingsheng initially did not think of, he said, single game wind is changing. Not only is Dingsheng such a stand-alone game production company, has always favored the PC side of online games, hand-travel Tencent, but also realized that the tide has some different.


Single Game Market Warmer


Almost all industry practitioners are aware that China’s stand-alone game market is changing, and for the current CEO of the Sequoia game, “sold more than 20-year stand-alone games” Wu Li, for the change in water temperature, he is the first person to perceive.


Founded in 2013, the Chinese FIR game is the first company to engage in the distribution of digital games agents, its business model is mainly for the agent single game in China to sell, according to the introduction, Shanshan is now with more than 100 game publishers outside China and the studio to establish cooperative relations, signed, Agent of the “Ancient Scrolls” “Batman” “Street Fighter” and other well-known game brands.


When interviewed by an interface reporter in early 2017, Wu Li said that the market for China’s stand-alone games “has become very clear”, regardless of the increase in media attention, large companies involved, or steam the number of users in China, the growth of the market is obvious. “The number of games sold in China has been growing, at least on the feedback of our partners,” he said. Wu Li told the interface reporter.

Tencent WeGame into the board single game
Steam, a dominant player in the global single game distribution arena, is seen as a window into the potential of Chinese stand-alone gaming. According to the Game data monitoring website Steamspy estimates, active users in China are about 21 million. The June 2017 hardware and software survey, released by steam operator Valve, shows that the number of users on the steam is 16.95% of the platform, second only to English-speaking users, and is the next largest user group in steam.


The growth in the number of Chinese players has changed the power structure of the steam player community, and foreign gaming media PC Gamer has commented that Chinese players have forced game developers to make concessions on the pricing of culture and games through a large-scale rating game. Italian game company $number Games parent company Digital Bros CEO Raffaele Galante told the interface reporter, due to the Chinese user needs to note that some of its games have added Chinese support, some of the products of Chinese players growth reached 30%.


Plagued by a single game has long been piracy, also no longer considered to be restricting the development of single machine games. “The father of the Yao” is a few people who still insist on making the first line of the single game, previously in the Chinese Paladin series of the latest works “Paladin 7” after the formal project to receive media interviews, said that the overall environmental impact of China, piracy of domestic games is not very harmful. Dingsheng, Wu Li have expressed similar views, that the player’s purchasing power growth and the homogeneity of the “Krypton Gold” hand travel tired of the release of a single game of the consumption capacity, “has not been concerned about piracy.”


And WeGame, it is Tencent in the face of market changes to hand over the answer.


Fill the final puzzle
WeGame is not a “very Tencent” products, Tencent Mutual Entertainment WeGame product director Wangweiguang accept an interview with the interface reporters, has reviewed the project opportunity.


“To do this product (WeGame) More is from the market demand, we can see that as China’s consumption upgrades, players are more and more want to experience a number of niche games, including some innovative play independent game. “In fact, before 2015, players would like to experience these more detailed, game-specific games, on the PC, in addition to piracy channels, some of the legitimate awareness of the players will choose to get the game in steam.”


Players are not low on the fun and fun game, but the latter are for overseas products and it is difficult to reach users through a formal channel in China. At the same time, overseas game companies in the attention of the Chinese player needs, but also want to expand as much as possible access to new players. “This is a paradox,” Wangweiguang told the interface reporter, he thought the two need a supply and demand design, through the middle link. “What we want to do is to help players find more fun, fresh games, and help developers hatch, burnish products, and eventually push the market.” “That is, Tencent’s positioning for WeGame: To connect global developers and players, to provide one-stop service, the discovery of massive single game.”


Tencent WeGame into the board single game
On the user community, Wangweiguang think WeGame service is two types of players: The first is in Tencent’s past game operations accumulated a large number of users, this is known as the “New generation” of Tencent users, their early game experience most of Tencent games, the user size is large, but also the mainstream of the Chinese market player groups. Tencent wants its own platform to allow such users to discover and experience more games.


The second category is proficient in the game, in the “industry leader” status of the PC single core player, this kind of player game knowledge, like to experience “hardcore” to the game products with online features of the single game, and the previous Tencent has no corresponding products to meet such players. After the launch of the WeGame, Tencent will be introduced in line with the core player preferences game type. Wangweiguang believes that these players, in addition to supplementing Tencent’s existing user community, can also guide other players in the game selection, and produce the corresponding game surrounding content.


The actual situation is, rely on Tencent game mass users, from the “Heroes League” “Dungeons and Warriors” and other Tencent series online games drainage WeGame single game players very many, the proportion far higher than the existing core player groups.


In the game content layout, Tencent is accelerating action. From August 2016, the first game “runes Guardian” on the shelves since the test, a single game has been on the line, including the Canadian independent game “famine”, martial arts theme “Knight of the Wind and Cloud biography”, as well as urban construction type of “City: Skyline” And so on, a total of 16. Each of these categories, the production of different sizes of products, become wegame early content warehouse.


According to Tencent Gaming platform assistant general manager Chang to accept the game grape interview revealed that the current WeGame Basic is two weeks online a new games, but there are a lot of games are accumulating, including some in the field of benchmarking products, as well as the big production of 3 A-level game. and Wangweiguang to interface reporters, at the end of July WeGame formally completed the brand upgrade, Tencent will announce a series of new products during the ChinaJoy exhibition, he expected that in the second half of this year and early next year, WeGame games will usher in the number of outbreaks.

New platforms bring opportunities


By the game release, Magic Edge network production action game “Ash” landed on June 15 in WeGame, the game in November 2016, the steam, with action settings, interesting eggs and details caused by Chinese players must discuss and concern. Six months after the game landing new platform, the production side found “game sales exceeded expectations.”


As the producer of “Ash”, Sho Zhoohong has felt the opportunity brought by the new platform: “The impact of the platform on game sales is absolute, the more platform users, the easier the game is to sell.” Only the bias of each platform may vary. He also thinks, “as a developer, he certainly wants to have more platforms in its power, which will help with sales.” ”


Tencent WeGame into the board single game


In particular, wegame in the flow of advantage, Tencent to the “ash” home promotion bit and other promotional resources, sales effect immediately, Sho Zhoohong mentioned, after the discount, “Ash” in WeGame first week sales than steam still a lot higher, “sales rally more obvious.” ”


The greater good may be the overseas gaming companies that have no access to China at present, WeGame has been on the shelves of “The Adventures of the Galaxy 3” “Famine,” “Star Dew Cereal” and other overseas independent game products, medium-sized games, there are “City: Skyline”-The game has been in the wegame shelves, the reason unknown.


Raffaele Galante believes that WeGame brings better development opportunities for overseas gaming companies, such as $number games, which actively expand the Chinese market and do not adhere to specific platforms. “We don’t think that a new platform will divide the market, but rather that WeGame’s accession means that ‘ the last piece of the market will be spelled out ‘.” ”


Tencent’s goal


According to Tencent’s publicly available data, WeGame now has 200 million registered users, with Dau reaching 35 million.


From the company’s performance point of view, the fourth quarter of 2016, Tencent online game revenue of 18.469 billion yuan, “King Glory” “Hero League” “Through the FireWire” as the representative of the free, strong online game, is to support the game business backbone. Promote single game, according to revenue into Tencent divided into 30% of the number. Short time to Tencent performance, it is difficult to play an immediate role.


A line of industry insiders also revealed to the interface reporter Tencent in wegame single game Project investment: Each game is equipped with the corresponding team of project teams, from the overall marketing ideas to the dissemination, there is a person responsible for supporting. Game on-line, update, testing, as well as the coordination of store resources, are related to docking and coordination. Network game-style project, reduced the game developer’s operation difficulty, but to the platform side, the cost is not small. The person said bluntly: “I suspect that Tencent in the game sales to get the division, not enough for the platform operators to pay.” ”


In this respect, Tencent has a certain preparation, Wangweiguang in the interview has been stressed that Tencent in WeGame will be “long-term investment”, more importantly, “activating the market.” The first investment, long-term cultivation, and ultimately the development of the market, Tencent’s established strategy. Wangweiguang mentions that while some players and insiders doubt Tencent’s resolve, but what is certain is that Tencent’s willingness to take on the role and nurture the market mentality is very firm, “the point is two, the 1th is to activate the market, the 2nd is to prepare the ascetic (long-term investment), which may be the length of the 35 plan.” ”

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