Intel 8-generation Core i7, i3 and i5 will be listed, and other new or buy old?

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According to the news of the network, Intel has the latest 8-generation Core CPU series of products on the recent release schedule, has been waiting to see the end of the year when you are ready to do it? Recently, the official group also has a lot of friends, ask CWCTV.COM latest processor is worth looking forward to? In the case of the budget is almost the same as the new CPU or direct purchase of the current adequate supply and price stability of the Core 7 CPU and the like, today's article, we will discuss the "new or buy old" Of this big topic it Buy new or buy old? It seems that many users will be intuitive to say "buy new do not buy old".

Yes, in the case of almost the same price range, no one knows the choice of the latest listing of products, the earliest feelings that wave of the latest technology to bring the feelings, but from the current situation, "buy new do not buy the old" This idea is not realistic.

The first time should not rush into the 8-generation Core i7?

Recently, there are many areas of the total generation, the dealer exposed the price of Intel i7 8700K will be more than 3,000 yuan in the news, we speculate that this price should be the first batch of the price of the film, and from the words we also Can feel the major distributors of the supply is very adequate and has arrived.

We all know that the original price of i7 6700K has also been fried to 3,000 yuan or even higher, this is because the 14nm technology at the time of the yield and productivity have a greater problem, and 8700K is still using the core of 14nm, the technology is relatively Mature, which is the first time in the consumer i7 market layout 6 core 12 threads of CPU products, the original price of more than 3000 pieces, which is a lot of consumers are more puzzled, of course, more than two core 4 thread configuration And can not say that this expensive hundreds of dollars, but deliberately driving up the price of the situation in each new sale is there, but this year is not the same time to drive up the time may last longer for some time.
Intel 8-generation Core i7, i3 and i5 will be listed, and other new or buy old?

Intel 8-generation Core i7, i3 and i5 will be listed, and other new or buy old?

Of course, Intel 8 generations of "Coffee Lake" certainly the first wave is the main Core i7 and many motherboard manufacturers echoed the "Z370" motherboard, here is also recommended recently installed high-end platform players, if not particularly anxious, It is recommended not to purchase within the first two weeks, after all, the new CPU there is a certain price space, but if you are very anxious or feel more than 7700K two core and four threads worth the difference, then forced to buy Is not no, after all, you are more than others to get the first product, but here is more recommended by some of the dealer is about to sell loose pieces, and if the first time in the 3000 yuan start will not "loss" too many.

In addition to Core i7 Core i3, i5 how to choose?

We do not mention the Core i7, or first look at the most terrible 8-generation Core i3 and i5 it, the following figure is "Coffee Lake" architecture has been exposed models and the corresponding parameters.

Coffee Lake architecture has been exposed models and the corresponding parameters

I believe that the netizens have been seen in the figure and the past is not the same, in addition to i7 other than i3, i5 processor, relative to Intel's past tone also has a great change, you will see 6 Core 6 thread i5, you will also see 4 core 4 thread i3, and the frequency is relatively "good looking" compared to.

The core of the number of changes in the number of threads, so that the past for the "Core" series of the concept of the processor has been overturned, you will be pleasantly surprised to find 8 generations of i3 8100 4 core 4 threads and 3.6Ghz frequency and i5 7600 the same 4 The core 4 threads 3.5Ghz has been very close; here we can also be more responsible that 8 generations of i3 has seconds off the 7 generation of i5!

But do not be happy too early, the problem is often breeds from good aspects.

We boldly guess, 8-generation i3 chip processor starting price may be to 1300 yuan or even higher, that is, and 7 generations of i5 7500 or 7600 pieces of the film price flat, as the user how to choose, there is a sentence "I can not help but think about the lines in the first letter D" - "it is also 86!"

At present, the world who can not guarantee that the new Core i3 can seconds off the previous generation of i5, on the current "paper" on the parameters of this theory can be corroborated; but what other aspects of the actual upgrade and differences, now Who dare not guess, and 6 core 6 thread i5 is the hot topic of the recent hot, it was called tasteless it was also put it on the day. In this also make a notice, the recent site will be on behalf of the 8-generation CPU "Coffee Lake" the first test article, when we will reveal all the answers. Here we are still more optimistic about the i3 consumer market, after all, "book" on the parameters of a good look, and stable after the price of thousands of dollars are basically acceptable.

8 generation CPU purchase notes

Finally, we have to talk about some of the considerations in the purchase of it, i3 8350K, i5 8600K and i7 8700K official given TDP is only 95W, the current market of 4 heat pipe radiators are basically affordable, and the new U also uses the LGA1151 pin design, then the radiator products for the market is very adequate; both air-cooled or water-cooled products have a good selectivity.

But for what a new generation of CPU which is suitable for you, just for our general players are also strongly recommended 8-generation i3, we are irresponsible to predict the price of i5 8600K in 2000-2200 yuan (pieces), if really Is this, relative to the i7 7700K between the two how to choose to sit down and calculate the calculation, the former more than 2 core 2 threads, the latter more than a full 0.7Ghz default frequency, if I certainly not wait , To block 7700K properly to play the game.

However, based on how to choose the motherboard, we can only disclose the "Z370" has been in the recent listing schedule, and other version of the type of research and development is finally completed in the form of ladder gradually come out, relative to more core, the number of threads CPU Motherboard is also worth looking forward to