Intel core i9 processor, powerful performance, but the price is too expensive

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Held in Taipei on the world trade center of Taipei International Computer Exhibition (Computex 2017), Intel vice president and general manager of the client computing division Gregory Bryant speech, and announced a series of new products, including the new i9 processor core.
From the naming point of view, i9 than existing i5 and i7 series of high-end more powerful; in fact, Intel positioning of the i9 is the ultimate task performance and large processing capacity; and its performance is mainly manifested in the "content such as virtual reality and data visualization for data intensive tasks of innovation".
That is, the real object orientation of the i9 processor is the task of handling large amounts of data beyond the VR tasks created outside the PC common task.
According to Gregory introduction, Intel i9 overall performance is tough, but also divided into 5 different versions. The minimum version has 12 core and 24 threads, $999; the strongest performance is Intel i9 processor Extreme Edition (i9 Extreme), it is the first consumer desktop CPU has 18 cores and 36 threads, $1999.
Core X series processor family
In fact, the launch of the i9 processor at the same time, Intel will integrate the existing core i5 and i7 processors, jointly launched a series of core X processor family of products; according to Intel, this family of products is Intel's most scalable, accessible and most powerful desktop platforms, for different launch price a number of options 4 to 18 cores.

Intel core i9 processor, powerful performance, but the price is too expensive
From the current situation, the entry-level equipment core X series processors for i5-7640X, it has 4 core and 4 threads, priced at $242; and the most high-end equipment is the i9 processor extreme edition. That is to say, the core of the X family of products priced at $242 and $1999.
In order to cope with the birth of i9 processor and core X processor family, Intel will also launch type X299 motherboard chipset, the chipset will be compatible with all core X series processors, is expected in the next period of time will appear in partner's products.
In terms of chip architecture, Intel has also updated the sixth generation Skylake platform, named Skylake X. The X series of the most low-end two 4 core chips, i5-7640X and i7-7740X will be based on the seventh generation Kaby Lake X platform.
In addition, Intel is the core frequency acceleration (Trubo Boost) to update, and will launch a Intel turbo boost (MAX 3 Trubo Boost Max 3), the core of this technology is that the technology can be two kernel recognition performance is the best, let the kernel assume key work load, in order to achieve a single thread or thread many performance significantly improved.
Intel said in a multi-threaded condition, enhance the core X series of 10% more than a single thread for 15% generations.
From PC company to data company
I9 and X look exciting, but find everything fresh and new, for ordinary consumers, the real concern is still the next generation core processor. And Gregory Bryant also announced in the speech, the eighth generation processor will be launched before Christmas season, compared with the seventh generation has 30% performance improvement; the most contrast, the seventh generation than the sixth generation increased to 15%. After the news, the eighth generation is likely to be named Coffee Lake, but now Intel has not announced the exact name of it.
Intel core i9 processor, powerful performance, but the price is very moving
In addition to the processor, Intel has spared no effort in other relevant areas. For example, in cooperation with Intel HTC, using WiGig technology, to promote the HTC Vive to get rid of the bondage of cable; with the launch of Acer, DELL, Lenovo and other manufacturers around the Internet based on Intel architecture (Always Connected PC), will emphasize on battery life and network connectivity.
In addition, Intel also launched a computing card, its main feature is only a credit card, but to provide a complete computer functions. Computing cards are not made for PC. They are mainly used for smart screens, interactive peripherals, and even smart factories. In other words, the calculation card is more applicable to Intel has been emphasizing the "Internet of things" strategy.
All of these actions seem to confirm what Gregory Bryant has said: "Intel is transforming, transforming from a PC company into a data company.". In April of this year, Intel also surprisingly announced that the abolition of the IDF (Intel Developer Forum) conference, which has been held for 10 years, was also seen as a major move by Intel from PC. But this series of actions to see the conference, PC still has an integral value for Intel.
So the question is, how the core X i9 processor family, has been whether PC manufacturers and consumers (especially consumers) approval? In other words, how many people are willing to pay for the $999 PC Processor?