Intel unveils 4 Core i3 processors,Versus AMD Ryzen 3

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AMD officially confirmed last week that the Ryzen 3 processor will be launched on July 27, with the target price overlapping with Intel's core i3 series. Coincidentally, Intel recently updated Kaby lake-s generation product line, Core i3 part of the new 4 S-0 step into the product, it is inevitable to people think is to meet Ryzen 3.


Launched in the first half of the Kaby lake-s generation Core i3 processor, the end of the model of the product is still not the introduction of Taiwan sales, the opportunity to buy is the core i3-7350k, Core i3-7320, Core i3-7300, Core i3-7100, and so on. One of the core i3-7350k belongs to the frequency-doubling products, its basic frequencies as high as 4.2GHz, another Common Core i3-7300 and core i3-7100, except for the base frequency of 4.0GHz, 3.9GHz, Smartcache Capacity also has 4MB, 3MB.


Intel has recently launched several Kaby lake-s generations of products, the table is part of the core i3 series, the total added 4 new options, respectively, Core i3-7340, Core i3-7120, Core i3-7320t, Core i3-7120t and other 4. Common features belong to the S-0 step into the new product, of which core i3-7340 and core i3-7120 may have a chance to see in Taiwan, the frequency set is 4.2GHz, 4GHz, the focus of the gap also lies in the Smartcache capacity in order 4MB, 3MB this difference.

Intel unveils 4 Core i3 processors,Versus AMD Ryzen 3

▲kaby lake-s generation standard voltage Core i3 Processor Specification summary.


Core i3-7340 base frequency and core i3-7350k are 4.2GHz, the frequency is slightly higher than the existing core i3-7320, and these 3 except the frequency of the rest of the focus configuration, so core i3-7340 can be considered as core i3-7350k lock multiplier version. and core i3-7120 frequency setting is also higher than the core i3-7100, but the two are the Core i3 series primer for the basic products, because Smartcache only 3MB instead of 4MB, from the model code principle of core i3-73xx/71xx is not difficult to distinguish between fast.