Israeli Army batch equipment DJI unmanned aerial vehicles

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"DJI" unmanned aerial vehicles are used in the military field is no longer news, but such as the region of Israel power to buy DJI unmanned aerial vehicles as a standard equipment for the troops, is clearly the first time. According to British media reports, the Israel Defense Forces recently made a decision, before the end of this year, for its combat companies equipped with small commercial unmanned aerial vehicles.

"We will use DJI's best-selling UAV system, and we will purchase their flagship product, the Mavic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle," said an Israeli senior military officer in an interview with Jane's Defense Weekly. Unit, we will buy the Matrice UAV because it performs better and has a longer battery life, and the camera on the machine is also better.

Israeli Army batch equipment DJI unmanned aerial vehicles

Is expected to equip the Israeli infantry DJI Mavic four-axis unmanned aerial vehicle


Most of the IDF troops are mainly infantry units, of course, other ground units will receive part of the UAV.

DJI's Mavic UAVs have only one regular camera for daytime shooting, but weighs only 743 grams and can be folded to make it easy to carry, with up to 27 minutes of airborne capability. More expensive and large Matrica100 UAVs can carry different types of equipment to fly, including an infrared camera or an additional battery pack, to extend their flight time to 40 minutes.

Israeli Army batch equipment DJI unmanned aerial vehicles

Larger size of the Matrica100 UAV and its accessories

However, the Israeli military news also admitted that DJI four-axis unmanned aerial vehicle is a "temporary measure", the Israeli military on the UAV's ultimate goal is a special military unmanned aerial vehicle, called "Chu Seoul." However, news from the Israeli industry, said, "Chu Seoul" UAV project has not yet signed any agreement with the user. In other words, the life of the DJI unmanned aerial vehicles in the Israeli army may be longer than originally envisioned.

The Israeli military is expected to get unmanned aerial vehicles can provide significant convenience and advantages for field troops, DJI UAV can get high-definition images from the air, and even from the battlefield in another direction to shoot. When the enemy to avoid in the bunker, this advantage is extremely obvious.


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