Japan Asahi TV to spend 1 billion yen to buy Makoto Shinkai “your name. “

Makoto Shinkai director of the Japanese cartoon “your name. “After the release became one of the world’s focus. Box office beyond the many masterpieces, and constantly refresh the record, the final access to 24.94 billion yen of high scores, the total box office fourth, the total domestic film box office No. 2. Recently, the Japanese media announced that Japan Asahi TV to spend 1 billion yen to buy “your name. “Play copyright! According to industry insiders, music will be launched this fall.


There is about your name. “The topic of this film has gradually began to decline in the heat, Japan Asahi TV this time to spend a lot of money to buy the copyright is cost-effective? And some time ago broke the news of the new Hai Cheng derailment scandal, television staff are also worried about the impact will provoke bad. “If the television station may be too sensitive, the audience protest does have an incredible effect, so it ‘s so sensitive that it’ s no way to do it,” added another TV station official.

your name.

The audience also expressed their views on this: “works is works ah, and there is no evidence that the new sea really derailed it?” “TV is also difficult to do, 1 billion yen really is not a small number of ah.” ” In any case, 1 billion of the cost of playing too terrible, ah, is indeed “your name.” “

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