Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force a CH-101 helicopter 17 days in Yamaguchi Prefecture rock country base accident, resulting in eight officers on the crew of three minor injuries. ANA pointed out that there are some flights to the use of this base runway, but the accident did not affect the aircraft take off and land.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force CH-101 helicopter carrying 8 people crash, a total of 4 people were injured. Japanese media reports on crash. (Map / flip from NHK)

According to NHK reported that the helicopter belonging to the Antarctic observation ship, the machine a total of eight officers, at 2:20 pm in Japan at the rock state aviation base for low-altitude operation, suddenly the body instability and fall from the height, after the main The blade hit the ground caused by overturning, resulting in four officers slightly injured.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s CH-101 helicopter is 22.8 meters long and has a rotor length of about 18.6 meters and can carry 25 people. It joined the Maritime Self-Defense Force in March 2008 and started assisting Antarctic observation in 2009.

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