Japanese led manufacturers Nichia sued HTC u Ultra Tort

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Japan led manufacturers Nichia yesterday (July 12) issued a statement, because HTC U Ultra Smart mobile phone use of white LED infringement Nichia YAG patent, has been in Germany to sue HTC infringement. In response to this HTC today (July 13), respect for intellectual property rights will be fully defended.


HTC said it was in-depth knowledge of the case and was unable to comment until further details were clarified, and contacted closely with suppliers to ensure that customers and operations were not affected.


According to Foreign affairs, Nichia on June 29 to the German Dusseldorf District court, sued HTC, its relationship Enterprise HTC Europe Co. Ltd. and HTC Germany GmbH, as well as providing e-commerce and operating HTC European online stores in the global network Business Digital River Ireland Ltd. infringement of Nichia patent.

Japanese led manufacturers Nichia sued HTC u Ultra Tort

Nichia yesterday announced that HTC HTC U Ultra Intelligent mobile phone equipped with white led infringement of its YAG patent, continue to seek patent and other intellectual property protection, and, where appropriate and necessary, in any country to the infringer action.


In fact, Nichia is not the first to HTC, last October also because of patent one sued in Tokyo, Japan. At that time Nichia refers to HTC Desire 626 configuration of the white light led infringement, the court hearing situation has not further follow-up, now Nichia and HTC between the lawsuit and add a pen.