Japan’s Black Widow chisako Kakehi “poisoned six former husbands/boyfriends

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There is a Japanese 70-year-old "Black Widow"chisako Kakehi use of highly toxic cyanide, poisoning their own contacts or marriage of 6 men, Chisako Kakehi has been diagnosed with mild dementia she always declared herself innocent, recently, when the court began its hearings, she sometimes admitted that she had "no recollection of what she said", and that lawyers also took "Alzheimer's" as the main focus of the defence, making the whole court difficult.


Chisako Kakehi before and after the 10 men, six people died, she insisted after the case, "I absolutely do not kill", "Everything Is Life", interviewed by reporters she said: "If you suspect I murder a husband, let me tongue suicide." "In the two-degree hearing of the Kyoto District Court on July 12, the Chisako Kakehi, who had confessed to killing his husband, changed his mind to" forget what he had said "until he pleaded guilty again, saying," hate the husbands ... Hate to kill him. 」


Japanese police investigation pointed out that Chisako Kakehi let her husband, cohabitation boyfriend drink a mixture of toxic cyanide drink, let them have been poisoned. Chisako Kakehi Once assigned a lawyer to answer, unwilling to face prosecution content, July 10 prosecutors asked, "Do you take poison to the husband?" "chisako Kakehi First silenced, then confessed" yes "and pointed out that the cyanide was obtained through the printing company that cooperated with the ex-husband.

Japan's Black Widow chisako Kakehi

Chisako Kakehi Originally said: "I wanted to kill the husband, I can get the inheritance to the debt owed." "I don't remember having killed my husband, and I don't know if I owe money to my family," he said. The confession was repeated before and after, and again the case was bogged down. NHK analyzed that Chisako Kakehi's lawyers could use Alzheimer's to defend defendants.


Chisako Kakehi was accused of murdering her husband, 2 men and robbery, and so on 4 counts, recently in court, sometimes changed the confession, admitted that he poisoned the murder, because the husband is more generous to his ex-wife, plus the printing company easy to obtain cyanide, so kill each other. She was also calm in the face of the death penalty, "even if sentenced to death, she will die with a smile." The lawyer said that the defendant had suffered from mild Alzheimer's disease, so his testimony was not credible and still pleaded not guilty.

Japan's Black Widow chisako Kakehi

Police investigation, Chisako Kakehi once and a living in Osaka city of the old man, Osaka old Man in the March 9, 2012 around 5 o'clock in the afternoon died in "from the Fall", when the old man rode the locomotive hit the shoulder of the cement block, forensic autopsy determined that death because of the death of arrhythmia.


At the end of 2012, Chisako Kakehi married to the Jian Yong husband, from this crown "Jian" husband surname, married less than 2 months, the "fourth husbands" instantly died. Police found cyanide in her home, but also in the body of the Jian Yong husband tested sleeping pills and other ingredients. The case of the case of the police in Kyoto, also suspected that the death of the old man in Osaka is not simple, to re-examine the blood of the police in Osaka, the contents of cyanide-containing substances.

Japan's Black Widow chisako Kakehi

Japanese police believe that Chisako Kakehi since his first husband died, 10 men, 6 of whom died in connection with her, after several marriages, let her become more than 800 million yen (about NT $220 million) property of rich women, suspected her by poisoning, but several sessions, Chisako Kakehi constantly stressed that they are innocent.


Chisako Kakehi is married or engaged to these men through a marriage introduction. In 1994, Chisako Kakehi's first husband died at the age of 54, and in 2006, the second husband died of a stroke at the age of 69; the third husband died at the age of 75, and in 2009, her boyfriend died of cancer, and in 2012, her fiance, Osaka old man was killed in a motorcycle, and in 2012, the fourth husband, who was poisoned and died in September 2013, her 75-year-old boyfriend suddenly fell ill after eating in a restaurant.