June 21, 2017 Guangxi “Yulin dog meat festival” held as scheduled!

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Guangxi Yulin annual "lychee dog meat festival" had previously stopped, but 21 people found that the festival is still held as scheduled, but more low-key, no longer open to kill the dog, but in other places after the slaughter, and then shipped to Local sale, to avoid the eyes of dog people. In order to save the dog life, dog people are also near to Yulin near, and in the car to intercept a carrying hundreds of thousands of dogs on the truck, but was rescued from the dog situation is quite poor, at stake.June 21, 2017 Guangxi

Dogs use cars to block dog trucks. "Yulin dog meat festival" held as scheduled! Dog shop "new tricks" against the dog.

June 21, 2017 Guangxi

Observation of the photos can be found, the space on the truck is quite narrow, a small cage squeezed several dogs, coat color are disgusted, eyes and nose was red and swollen, and some even lack of foot. Rescue of the dog said they used their vehicles in front of the truck, found the police and health inspection units, asked the truck driver to come up with quarantine certificate, but the driver does not come out, "people who eat dog meat, you know you eat Are the dogs sick of the sick dog and seeing that?June 21, 2017 Guangxi

On the "closed dog meat" controversy, Yulin official said, dog meat festival is the local folk, not the official-led local festivals, so there is no "closed" argument. The official "has never heard of" stop the dog trade ", the implication also shows that" dog meat festival has not disappeared. "June 21, 2017 Guangxi

Foreign tourists in particular to eat dog meat in Guangxi, but also wearing "dog so fragrant, I want to taste" clothes.

June 21, 2017 Guangxi

Although many people are jumping out against eating dog meat, but still support a lot of people who eat dog meat, and even that the dog's mind is a problem, "so far no one because of eating dog poisoning, dog industry is safe and reliable, we will Continue to eat and drink good! "," Warmly celebrate the dog meat section open, we eat dog meat, hanging brain disabled dog slaves! "," Early morning dog chase, I want to go home with a bat, It, strongly support the Yulin dog meat festival! "," Street robbery, but also self-righteousness? These groups dressed in dog's fool. "