Ke jie cries, Google AlphaGo 3:0 beats ke jie

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On the afternoon of May 27, in wuzhen, China, ke jie and AlphaGo played the third game. In accordance with the requirements of kojie himself, the game was played by the white children of cojie and the AlphaGo black son. With 32 minutes remaining in kojie's own time, the two sides fought to 209, and the AlphaGo win was a win for the AlphaGo. The big game was 3:0.

In the commentary, chang hao said that AlphaGo's judgment and sense of the central government was a lack of human chess players. It is relatively easy for human contestants to find that the corners are quantified and calculated. Of course, machines don't always handle complex chess games. Game in the second set, AlphaGo think KeJie best stage, it is just the time a few dragon infighting, so KeJie at the beginning, consciously chess will lead to a more complex situation.

Mr Wang runan, who explains the work, thinks that machines are now moving in the direction of chess, and many times humans do not fully understand it. In other words, we can confirm that AlphaGo is now at a high level of go, but it's not clear what it is. So it may be unrealistic to say that AlphaGo's future as an amateur chess player will help them improve the level of go.

Is different from the second set of fighting, the two sides to the 20 a few hands, wei-ping nie teacher started explanation as that black has won, control of the whole black for disk than white. In the middle of the game, you can also see the various small movements of ke jie, some anxious.

Finally, the evil hand of the initial stage of the layout made him unable to return to the heavens and throw in the towel at 209. AlphaGo - a win.

At the post-match press conference, ke jie was so upset by her mistake that she once said she was choking. On the one hand has stressed the opponent's perfect, said AlphaGo full "no defect and turmoil in the mentality", on the other hand also said the three matches to let him see the gap and AlphaGo, is also a spur for him.

Meanwhile, DeepMind's team announced that they will work with kojie to release the three sets of chess games in a short period of time. It will release the AlphaGo50 self-combat process and update the game on the website daily. Later this year, DeepMind team will publish papers, explain the new AlphaGo relative to the li AlphaGo 乭 version update and improve.

In the post-match press conference, the China go association issued a nine-term title to AlphaGo.Ke jie cries, Google AlphaGo 3:0 beats ke jie

The China wuzhen weiqi summit, in addition to the three sets of cojie and AlphaGo, also conducted the PairGo and TeamGo. The DeepMind team hopes that this opportunity will explore the different incentives and facilitation of AlphaGo under different systems and hopefully improve the algorithm for AlphaGo in the future.

The two sides of the game are the eight + AlphaGo 1 matches between the two sides. In the order of the suborder: guli - - - - - - even - AlphaGo1 - AlphaGo2.

The special thing about team racing is that the participants not only have to guess the intentions of their opponents, but also understand the intentions of their partners.

At the end of the showdown, he rejected the request, but insisted on continuing the game. But in the second stage of the official reading, the ancient force finally held up the sign of the defeat, and the two sides had a close call.

In the team competition, the Chinese five world champions zhou rui, the Vietnamese, tang wei, mi yu ting, and Chen yaoye teamed up against AlphaGo. With 254 hands, AlphaGo won five of the players. In the third set of explanations, Mr. Wang said that the five team operations were not equal to the sum of five players. Because different players have different ways of thinking and style, the discussion at the time limit is not the best.

At the end of the game, he did not leave the game room immediately, but instead went on to discuss the contents of the board with the AlphaGo team's Dr. Huang shijie and fan hui. As people fan said, in addition to pay attention to the game's winning or losing, professional guy to focus on the learning from the game, so after the checking, and discuss trends and layout, and excellent communication process.

However, this time the opponent gave only the cold number, and fan hui and Dr Huang are not fully capable of understanding AlphaGo's intentions. This still makes young kojie's blood boil.