Kidnap Yingying Zhang suspect Brendt Christensen July 14 Court pretrial may be canceled

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Yingying Zhang, a Chinese visiting scholar kidnapped in the United States, said they confirmed that the girl who had appeared in the town of Illinois State Salem was not yingying Zhang herself.


Tom Bruno, one of the defense attorneys who had previously seen Yingying Zhang, the suspect Brendt Christensen in Salem Town, avoided talking about the latest progress in an interview with reporters.


Suspect Brendt Christensen has been arrested, but Yingying Zhang remains unaccounted for. Zhang's legal counsel, Zhidong lawyer, said that in the U.S. criminal investigation, the suspect has the right to remain silent, no one can force the suspect to provide a confession, especially for his own possible adverse statements, this is the United States judicial system.

Kidnap Yingying Zhang suspect Brendt Christensen July 14 Court pretrial may be canceled

July 5, kidnap Yingying Zhang's suspect Brendt Christensen was convicted by the judge not to bail, he will continue to be detained until July 14, or the grand jury issued an indictment to prosecute.


Subsequently, the reporter called Zhidong lawyer, he believes that based on the evidence currently seized by the prosecution, July 14 is very likely to be cancelled, the prosecution is likely to be formally accused of kidnapping the suspect Brendt Christensen.


Yingying Zhang Case Lawyers exclusive response: In the trial, the FBI did not provide evidence


Tom Bruno accepts a reporter's email interview


In response, the reporter interviewed one of the suspects ' defense attorneys Tom Bruno (the father of Bruno's three sons and fathers), who responded exclusively to the current defense work being done for suspect Brendt Christensen:


Journalist: Why do you want to be the suspect's defense attorney?


Tom Bruno: In the United States, the suspect is entitled to a lawyer's defense. The reason for his defense was that he contacted Bruno's law firm and asked us to act as his attorney.


Journalist: What evidence has the FBI provided so far?


Tom Bruno: During the trial, the FBI did not provide evidence, nor did he show me any evidence or affidavits from the media that "Brendt Christensen will be prosecuted for kidnapping". After the trial, the affidavit was publicized and widely disseminated by the media.


Interviewer: Are you going to plead guilty? If Yingying Zhang is found, how would you adjust your defense plan?


Tom Bruno: The pre-trial will take place July 14 10 o'clock in the morning local time, and if the judge announces the existence of "probable cause", then the defendant will enter the "Innocence" defence stage.


Reporter: Is there any evidence to support your acquittal?


Tom Bruno: Never ask the defendant to give evidence, so the pressure is on the government side. The defendant may provide additional evidence, but it is not necessary, and it is too early to say whether we will provide evidence.


Reporter: Suspect Brendt Christensen will continue to remain silent? If so, is this part of your defense plan?


Tom Bruno: As for the present and future defence plans and whether the strategy will be adjusted, we are not to be told.


Reporter: As deputy mayor of Champagne city, you are the suspect's defense attorney in this case, is this common in the American judicial system?


Tom Bruno: This is not uncommon. In the local government, there are other full-time or part-time jobs that are common. I have been working in the Champagne City Council for 20 years, full time as a criminal case attorney. It's not a conflict, it's not uncommon.


Interviewer: What are some of the most impressive cases you've been involved in? Do you think it is more difficult to defend Brendt Christensen than these cases?


Tom Bruno: The case is very special, the amount of work is very large, but according to the Sixth amendment of the United States Constitution, we are actively defending our clients (Brendt Christensen).


That's how our justice system works, and it's been running for more than 200 years. As an American, I am very proud of such a system of justice and the rights conferred on citizens.