Killing the suspect Zhang Yingying Brendt Christensen often visit

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According to the US media reports, UCIC Chinese female scholar Zhang Yingying missing on July 9 is about to expire a month, suspected of kidnapping Zhang Yingying suspect Brendt Christensen, kidnapped Zhang Yingying two months ago, had Akuma689 account, multiple registered alien site , View the kidnapping message, according to Brendt Christensen on the website to introduce myself, mainly want to find "the day is the princess, night is the bandit companion", or "slave", or "small three".


According to the information, FetLife on the "demon 689" account, living in champagne, married in 2011, he also specifically stated that his wife did not have an account on this site, in addition, the account is also listed as "American Domestic Violence Association" (Domestic Discipline Society "," Abduction 101 "(Abduction 101) members.

FetLife claims to be a "rookie, fetish, funny circle of social networks", emphasizing the willingness to meet adults and meet the site. The site was created by Canadian software developer John Baku in 2008, and now FetLife claims more than 6 million registered members.

In addition, the Chicago Tribune reported on July 8 that Brendt Christensen grew older than Stevens Point in North Central, Wisconsin, and knew that their neighbors and friends had a good impression on the family. Neighbors Jen Zach said they were so impressed that they were a very real family.Killing the suspect Zhang Yingying Brendt Christensen often visit

Brendt Christensen has a brother, a sister, his father Michael is engaged in the construction work, the mother is a housewife, but there should be in the poor job, neighbors said, Michael often with two sons to go kung fu class, Brendt Christensen graduated in 2007 In the local high school, during which had participated in school track and field team and fighting team.

But the family seems to have undergone some changes in 2013, according to records, Brendt Christensen's parents divorced in 2013, after his father moved to Michigan, the mother lived in Milwaukee. At the same time that both parents divorced at the same time, Brendt Christensen's parents sold their two-storey residences in the city of Stevensville for $ 100,000 to sell.

Killing the suspect Zhang Yingying Brendt Christensen often visit

Brendt Christensen After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin, where he moved to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated in 2013.

UCIC professor Matthew Herndon said that Brendt Christensen was once his student and followed him to do research, "he is a good student" and successfully completed the program in Switzerland as a research student. "For me, he is a standard student, and it is not normal at all."

Brendt Christensen entered the Champagne Institute of Physics at the Institute of Physics, said Lance Cooper said that the student told him in 2016, decided to take only master and give up the doctor, "he did not mention any personal reasons" Seoul only thinks that he should change his goal.

Brendt Christensen lived with his wife, Michelle Christensen, about three miles from the school during his UCIC study. According to the record, Michelle Christensen earns $ 1,800 a month, $ 900 for rent, $ 100 for electricity and $ 150 for other expenditure.

Michelle Christensen Shore 's uncle, Louis Rozner, said that their families generally only see Christensen couples at Christmas, "I know that Brendt Christensen is very clever and that their couples look good and can not see anything unusual.