Kodama launches $99 3D printer Obsidian

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Since 2014, 3D printers began to step into people's eyes, a variety of 3D printing items to marvel at the magic of the technology, although we can use the 3D printer to quickly print out a specific shape of items, but the 3D printer is more expensive, it is difficult to enter the consumer market.


For many 3D printer manufacturers, there are two ways to choose, or to focus on the development of more specialized 3D printers, and then with some High-tech enterprises to pull orders, or is to try to reduce the cost and price of 3D printer, so that it can enter the consumer market, which Kodama company belongs to the latter, Kodama last year in Kickstarter introduced All-metal 3D printer Trinus, with good design quality and the staggering low price of 299 U.S. dollars, Only 54 minutes to achieve the target, and the smooth shipment this year.Kodama launches  3D printer Obsidian

Now Kodama has launched a new product, called Obsidian 3D printer, which is priced at $99, which can be said to be affordable 3D printers. Obsidian does not require the user to assemble itself, that is, open the box is used, obsidian support the market common 3D printing software.

Kodama launches  3D printer Obsidian

Interestingly, Obsidian can continue to finish the work even in the event of a sudden power outage, without the user having to worry about interruptions in the power outage. Obsidian support includes the PLA and ABS, nylon, PETG and other wire, but also support Kodama self-developed obsidian wire. Obsidian the maximum volume of printable items is 120*120*120mm, so the product is still positioned in the production of small objects.


The $99 obsidian is just a regular version, the official also offers a $149 and a $249 version, more than $149 of touch screens, USB/SD interfaces, and 249 dollars on this basis comes with lenses, a proprietary mobile app to monitor print status, and, strictly speaking, the deluxe version of $249. Similarly, Obsidian also on the Kickstarter, and fundraising amount of more than 7 times times the target amount, it seems that everyone is very optimistic about obsidian, at the same time, it is not difficult to see that the price of the pro and functional 3D printer has been closer to us