Messi and CRISTIANO RONALDO who shine in the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

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Aspen gave an exclusive interview with Spanish coach Lopez Terje. Lopez Terje said the list of 35 players was too difficult to decide, and he thought it would be hard for him to lose 12 players. For Messi and CRISTIANO RONALDO who will shine in the world cup, Lopez Terje says he is not a football fan to the world cup. His mission is to do the job of the Spanish coach. He is only happy for every Spanish player. Lopez Terje is of the opinion that Spain is not a hot topic for Brazil.

Lopez Terje received an interview

Messi and CRISTIANO RONALDO who shine in the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

Lopez Terje first said: "people miss the Spanish team that has won the world cup and the European Cup, and hope that we can win the world cup this year, but I don't think we won the title, Brazil and France." We have ambitions for the champion, but we must not imagine that we should be humble. "

For Spain's list, Lopez Terje explained: "next week we will announce a list of 35 people. It's hard for me to think that 12 players will be removed from the list. As for when to announce the list of 23 people, Lopez Terje clearly replied, "we will announce the 18 day before the opening of the world cup. I am more inclined to decide after finishing the warm-up match in June 3rd.

The reporter tried to inquire about the details of the list, but only the first name, Diego Costa, was not going on, because Lopez Terje's answer was, "every name you want, also on a larger list of our coaching groups, depends on physical condition and in the near future." The state of the game. We will measure it according to the circumstances. "

For the first time in the world cup, Lopez Terje admitted that he had a vertigo. "I don't think too much. It's a wonderful trip and we should enjoy it," he said.

The reporter asked how you will deal with CRISTIANO RONALDO, and he replied: "it is of course important to play with the Portuguese team. They are the European Cup champion and the top star CRISTIANO RONALDO is one of the best players of the time." But I want to say that the other two opponents are also very strong in Iran and Morocco. They are the best teams in Africa and Asia.

When asked about the tactics of the team, he replied, "I know what you mean. Spain's style has actually ended in the past. We may be similar to the former Spanish team in many places, but the style is different. I had a good exchange of views and opinions with members of the coaching team. There are two or three positions that change, so we can show different things. " When reporters asked about the theme of the elimination tournament, Lopez Terje immediately blocked the road: "we are not talking about further things now, only concentrate on playing group games."

In 2018, the Russian World Cup will adopt VAR technology to assist law enforcement. Lopez Terje said: "this is a hot topic nowadays. Of course, VRA will bring a lot of benefits, such as reducing miscarriage of justice, and will also have some impact on the game, such as always let the game break and restart. VAR will redefine the world cup. I have seen some games that have been introduced to this kind of technology, and players need to wait for the sentencing results to decide whether they should celebrate after scoring. In a word, some things are not good now. "

The reporter asked whether the Spanish Football Association has talked with you about the renewal of the contract. Lopez Terje replied, "the most important thing is that we focus on and enjoy the world cup. My personal renewal is not important. Our team has remained at a high level in the last two years.

Reporters pointed out that some teams will prohibit players from using the social network during the world cup. Lopez Terje said, "I will not prohibit, but I keep my attitude. I hope this is natural, but players should not talk about what they should not say on social networks.

Next, the reporter asked an interesting topic that Maradona had punished a penalty kick. How did Spain plan to arrange the penalty shooter? Lopez Terje replied, "seriously, I do not confirm this now. Casillas said before that if he is allowed to play, he is duty bound.

Finally, the reporter mentioned Messi and CRISTIANO RONALDO, saying that the two arrogance must be the most attractive player in the 2018 World Cup, and asked Lopez Terje to predict what other players would be able to shine in the world cup. Lopez Terje replied, "I only like my own players. What I like most is not the flash of players, but the work of our team. I always warn myself that I am the coach of the team and have my mission in the world cup. I am not watching the audience. I will be happy for every player. "