Microsoft Lumia phone was abandoned: China aftermarket phone was disabled

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August 11 news, about Microsoft Lumia and Nokia mobile phone service line has been disabled. Reporters call a number of Microsoft Iumia mobile phone service outlets, was told in June this year has no longer accepted Microsoft mobile phone service.

The past two years, Microsoft's exit from the mobile phone market rumors continue, there is news that Microsoft has withdrawn from the Chinese mobile phone market. Reporters on the matter to contact Microsoft China, but as of press time, the other did not respond. And a public service person who has served in Microsoft China told reporters: "Microsoft's mobile phone business last year to sell, no mobile phone business."

As early as July 12 this year, Microsoft officially announced the termination of the Windows Phone 8.1 support. Version 8.1 is the last iteration version of Windows Phone, and termination support means that the version will no longer be upgraded and technical support, only to get security updates.

Industry sources told reporters that Microsoft's exit from the Chinese mobile phone market is sooner or later. Microsoft closed, not free Windows Phone system and Andrews, Apple iOS competition more and more weak, in the software ecology and update speed are not the latter. The current Microsoft mobile phone market share even 0.1% are less than. And Microsoft from 2014 to start the "mobile first, cloud first" strategy has long been changed, and now frequently to the cloud services and artificial intelligence force.

Marginalized mobile business

In 2014, Microsoft's high-level reorganization, Indian descent Satia Nadera succeeded Ballmer as chief executive officer. Sarti Yafu took office will put forward the "mobile first, cloud first" strategy. But nearly three years later, Microsoft cloud for the first strategy continues to strengthen, mobile business is increasingly marginalized.

In May 2016, Microsoft sold $ 5.3 billion worth of $ 5.3 billion to Nokia for sale to Foxconn and Finnish company HMD Global. In the iPhone and Android hegemony of the mobile phone market, Microsoft has invested heavily in the mobile system strategy, has been difficult to see improvement. Ballmer left the former presided over the acquisition, and finally failed to end. And this nearly $ 7.2 billion in transactions, the current CEO Satiya from the beginning to oppose.

The concept of different Sartya at the beginning of office, announced that "Windows Phone mobile phone business will turn to the market." In the first quarter of 2013, the department's revenue was $ 3 billion, and by the first quarter of 2017, Microsoft's mobile phone business revenue was only $ 5 million.

At the end of 2016, the industry has heard that Microsoft will give up the news of mobile phone business, but Sartya rumor, said not to give up mobile devices, and that the mobile market has a broad space for development, the next will create a differentiated experience, And PC the same ability.

Microsoft Lumia phone was abandoned: China aftermarket phone was disabled

According to market research firm International Data Corporation (hereinafter referred to as IDC) reported that, Windows Phone mobile phone market share in the world is only 0.1%. IDC's current situation analysis of Windows Phone that the responsibility mainly from Microsoft, due to the lack of new hardware partners, developers and enthusiastic support for the platform, Windows Phone mobile phone shipments will decline further, and no signs of recovery.

After the edge of the mobile business, Microsoft all the way to the cloud services and artificial intelligence direction.

According to foreign media WMPU reported that Microsoft submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the document clearly shows that the mobile phone business has been cut off from the company, replaced by the resources to invest in artificial intelligence.

July 2017, Microsoft released the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 and full-year earnings, although the decline in personal computer business to a certain extent affected Microsoft's annual revenue figures, but Microsoft's cloud services has brought huge net profit growth The It is reported that the current annual revenue of Microsoft's cloud business reached 13 billion US dollars, ranking in the market after the Amazon's AWS cloud services company.

"Our cloud platform innovation has yielded strong results this quarter, and customers are looking for Microsoft and a thriving partner ecosystem to accelerate their digital transformation and create new opportunities for intelligent cloud development," he said to the media. "

Mobile operating system in name only?

In recent years, Microsoft has been that he was in the development of "Surface phone" mobile phone, to fight against the outside world for their mobile phone business rumors.

A former Microsoft developer told reporters that the phone is a new system that can interact with Windows PC, X-box VR, will be available by 2020.

In 2002, the first Microsoft system based on the smart phone Orange SPV sale. OEM is HTC. And that time, Apple's iPod or a few people do not buy a small minority products; just set up four years of Google (microblogging), not yet listed. IPhone and Android phones were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

As the world's computer operating system overlord, Microsoft accounted for more than Bacheng's market share. Microsoft's vision of the mobile phone market business model and their own good PC field - Microsoft to do the operating system, mobile phone manufacturers to produce hardware, and to pay royalties to Microsoft.

But on the phone, Microsoft played a big battle.

Windows Phone is the predecessor of Windows Mobile, the latter there are many places that are not perfect early, after several generations of follow-up upgrade. Windows Mobile is based on the development of Windows CE, Microsoft has always wanted to build mobile phones, PC integration experience, not only in the interface is highly similar, and a start menu, and even directly run part of the exe program. But it is because of this, Windows Mobile although the function is very powerful, but the desktop system operating logic copied to a small screen mobile devices, resulting in poor experience, and the most important is the lack of application software. As a result, the market and consumers eventually chose Nokia's Saipan system. After that, Sony, Sanyo, Fujitsu and other companies also joined the Saipan Union.

In 2010, Microsoft officially renamed the Windows Mobile system Windows Phone, released Windows Phone 7 system. At this point, Microsoft mobile operating system is really coming.

At that time the Andrews system and Apple iOS system has been cut in the mobile phone market. While the old Saipan system tide filling, the market share has been squeezed by the former. At this time Nokia seems to realize that if you continue to rely on Saipan system I am afraid to no avail.

The second year, Nokia officially announced a global strategic partnership with Microsoft, when Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 7 system has become the main operating system for Nokia phones, Nokia follow-up models will continue to use Windows Phone system. Nokia has been in decline, but its market share is still the world's first, by virtue of the influence of Nokia's past, coupled with some third-party vendors, such as HTC, Samsung and other help, Microsoft Windows Phone has ushered in a brief spring The

After the cooperation, Nokia soon launched with Windows phone system Lumia800, 900 and other mobile phones, and HTC 8X and other products have also been available. By the end of 2012, the share of the Windows Phone system was 3.9%, but it was a far cry from the 20% market share target.

Self-enclosed bitter fruit

In 2013, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia's $ 5 billion price of most of the mobile phone business, and then $ 2.17 billion purchase price of Nokia's patent license, the total amount of about $ 7.17 billion acquisition.

After Nokia's acquisition, Microsoft has done a lot of brand remodeling work, including the Lumia brand renamed Microsoft Lumia. However, when Microsoft's R & D speed has long been unable to keep up with the speed of the market, "or Windows phone progress is too slow, did not keep up with the needs of the market." Mobile China Union Secretary-General Wang Yanhui said.

According to media reports, in fact, starting from July 2014, Microsoft Asha, Series 40, Nokia X series of functional product line has been stalled, no new Windows phone appears.

However, the same period of Android and iOS systems continue to expand their market share, Windows Phone defeat seems to be a foregone conclusion. More importantly, the Andrews system to take a free, open source, free and open mode, to encourage mobile phone manufacturers around the world and third-party developers to customize the system, or the development of massive excellent application software.

The former Microsoft developers told reporters that Apple's software ecosystem built very well, and Microsoft also want to imitate Apple, but too impatient.

Wang Yanhui told reporters that it is Microsoft's computer operating system thinking hindered the development of Microsoft, "it's the whole mode of thinking or inherited the computer's thinking mode, so it is based on computer thinking to do Windows Phone. Windows has not open source , So when Andrews later, we will not choose Windows Phone operating system, so forced to do their own Microsoft.

Industry sources told reporters that the so-called open source is in addition to the kernel, the other part of the source code released, the manufacturers can be based on their own needs for secondary development, similar to Andrews system. And Microsoft's closed mobile phone operating system only released development kit or OS interface, resulting in difficult mobile phone development, APP development costs are high.

And the system is closed and not free lead to very few manufacturers are willing to cooperate with Microsoft, more to the free and open source Andrews system. Compared to Apple's complete iOS system, Microsoft's software ecosystem is not established, the software is small and poor quality, poor user experience. This leads to Microsoft's sales difficult to maintain their own system development