Microsoft: Windows phone has nothing to do

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Microsoft released its earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017 as of June 30, 2017. Results show that quarterly revenue reached 23.3 billion US dollars, the cloud and Office has become the software giant Microsoft's most stable cash cow. However, Microsoft specifically mentioned that "more personalized computing" business fell 2%, mainly because Windows Phone and Surface two sub-business dragged down the entire business.

Microsoft's interpretation of the DE equipment business is clear, mainly due to the product cycle transition. The fact that this is true, Surface Pro has been a long time did not update, and the new listing time point is exactly the end of the quarter

However, for the Windows mobile business phone systems, Microsoft has talked about little in the past, this report is no exception, and even did not even list this sub-business, and in the conversation with the analyst's earnings phone memories, Microsoft executives on smart phones only Mentioned two or three times.
Microsoft said that Windows mobile phone revenue has been "irrelevant" in the fourth quarter of fiscal revenue fell less than $ 361 million in revenue, mainly because there is not much mobile phone sales in the market.Microsoft: Windows phone has nothing to do

To be honest, Microsoft provides the explanation is not wrong, compared with a year ago, the number of new mobile phone Windows serious decline. In fact, Microsoft's performance for its mobile business has been quiet for at least two years. Microsoft said, "more personalized calculations in the quarter income of $ 8.8 billion, down 2%, according to a fixed exchange rate, down only 1%, of which mobile phone business fell 4 percentage points.

On the other hand, Microsoft has managed to cut spending on Windows phones, after Microsoft's global mobile business has made significant cuts. "Operating expenses have fallen by 10 percent last year, including very low handset business, Surface and gaming business, so operating revenue grew 68 percent," Microsoft said, adding that spending on operating expenses for the next quarter will continue to decline.

Obviously, Windows mobile phone business is unlikely to be any improvement, after all, no new equipment, and Windows 10 Mobile system is also in the maintenance phase. As for the rumors of Microsoft is testing the "ultimate mobile device", even if the real debut, aimed at the minority user group only, can not immediately save the entire Windows mobile phone platform.