“Motorola is back” Lenovo’s Motorola mobile phone brand back to the global market

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June 14 news, before the announcement will be Lenovo in the first 21 days in Brazil released Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus two new machines. Now the latest news, Motorola Mobile June 27 will be held in the United States "Motorola is back" conference. According to the news to understand, from 2014 onwards, Lenovo Group acquired Google's Motorola, Motorola will be brought back to China. Strong momentum, but for various reasons, such as the product is not fully prepared, resulting in acclimatized and so on.

And then adjust the product line also caused a certain impact on Motorola, product and brand communication by Motorola (Motorola) adjusted to Lenovo Moto, once caused by consumers lose awareness of the brand situation. Now, there is news that Motorola in the global market, from June 27 will be re-enabled Motorola brand, the Motorola really back.

According to the US media reports, through the Motorola invitation letter, the hands of the model is Moto new flagship product Moto Z2 mobile phone, the appearance will continue the previous generation of modular and ultra-thin body design, using 5.5-inch 2K display, equipped with Snapdragon835 Device, equipped with up to 6GB of memory, equipped with dual cameras. At the same time, will release a new generation of anti-shading screen technology Moto Z2 Force mobile phone, hand-slip party without fear of broken screen risk, configuration and Moto Z2 mobile phone is basically the same.

Finally, it seems that Motorola's global brand adjustment, channel cooperation, consumer awareness and media preferences have played a positive role. However, Lenovo has not yet received official response. The specific truth can only wait for Lenovo official announced, wait and see.