Mr Putin responded by saying that the us intelligence service had arranged an assassination attempt on JFK

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On June 4, according to media reports, local time, the national broadcasting company (NBC) news aired an exclusive interview with Russian President vladimir putin the station 3, which is after the trump became the President of the United States. In his first interview with the us media, Mr Putin responded to Russia's involvement in last year's us election and Mr Trump's "through the door".

4 Night local time in the Sunday evening news "broadcast news programs (Sunday Night), Russian President vladimir putin told NBC well-known host megan Kelly (Megyn Kelly) interview. The interview was conducted on BBS (June 1, solstice 3) in st Petersburg.

In response to Russia's meddling in the election: we don't really care who is the President of the United States

Mr. Kelly asked Mr. Putin about whether Russia was involved in last year's U.S. election in about 11 minutes of interviews. Kelly said: "you have always denied that Russia was involved in last year's U.S. presidential election, but according to the related intelligence survey, Russia did in last year's U.S. presidential election. If all of America's intelligence agencies are lying?"

Putin said: "they have been misled, they did not fully analyze the data. I haven't seen them provide even a direct proof evidence of Russian involvement in last year's U.S. presidential election."

Mr. Putin also accused the United States of meddling in other countries' elections. "You're referring to a place on a map, and you ask people there, and they all complain about American officials meddling in the domestic elections." Mr Putin said.

Mr. Kelly is running after Mr. Putin, who appears to be defending the Russian government's intervention in the U.S. election.

Vladimir putin has again denied: "every action will lead to a peer response. But, I say again, we don't need to do so. The President of the United States version change, the ruling party is also in rotation. That is why we don't really care who is the President of the United States. However, the political mainstream direction has never changed."

Indeed, Mr. Putin said, Russia has a preferred side of the U.S. election, but Russia is only interested in the direction of U.S. politics. "We have no reason to interfere in the us election." Mr Putin said.

Respond to "the door of Russia" : are you completely irrational?

In addition to the Russian hacking and intervention during the us election last year, Mr Kelly also asked Mr Putin about Mr Trump's "access to Russia" issue.

"When asked about the President of the United States ever do harm things", Mr Putin said: "this is a groundless statement. How can we get the information?"

"And why do we have a special relationship with him?" Putin asks, "we had nothing to do. He is ever to Moscow, but you know, we never met. Many americans have been to Russia."

Mr Putin responded by saying that the us intelligence service had arranged an assassination attempt on JFK

"So far, at least 100 U.S. companies have represented Russia." "So do you think we're using them to spy on the intelligence or how? You're completely irrational on this issue, aren't you?"

Finally, kelly asked about Russia's recent anti-corruption issues, putin said: "why do you think you have the right to ask these questions? What do you want to come again to teach us, education how should we live? We have to obey the relevant constructive opinions, but not to accept other countries take this question as a weapon against other countries."

Kelly, who was a prominent host of fox news, a conservative television network, moved to NBC this year to host the news. The travel to st. Petersburg, she not only had an interview with Russian President vladimir putin, one of the more important responsibility is to act as moderator of st. Petersburg international economic BBS in 2017, she hosted including Russian President vladimir putin, India's prime minister, Mr Modi, Austrian prime minister Abe international leaders, including talks.

For the first time in 2015, kelly had presided over the republican primary television debate on discrimination against women trump remarks pointed questions, trump later on twitter attack kelly for many times, he refused to attend after January 28, 2016, presided over by kelly debate.

Kelly presided over st. Petersburg international economic BBS related activities (from left to right: kelly, India's prime minister, Mr Modi, Russian President vladimir putin, the Austrian prime minister cristian Ann)

"You are closer to me than Flynn."

The Washington post commented that Mr. Putin and Mr. Kelly had pointed the needle in the interview, but Mr. Putin didn't offer any new information.

"One theory is that the President Kennedy's assassination is the U.S. intelligence community arrangement. If this is true, this possibility cannot be ruled out. So, the intelligence can completely faked evidence of Russian hackers attack on the United States." "Mr. Putin said in an interview.

On "the door to Russia," Mr. Putin said he didn't know much about the media hype in the U.S. About, for example, including the Washington post reported the son-in-law kushner trump has suggested that the United States and Russia before trump took office, set up a secret communication mechanism between problem, putin responded: "I don't know. I don't see related advice."

Mr. Putin also denied his relationship with the former U.S. presidential national security adviser, Flynn. During a visit to Russia in 2015, Flynn attended a banquet hosted by Russian television today, when Flynn sat next to putin.

Mr. Putin said he had not been at the party for a long time, and did not speak to Mr. Flynn. "I didn't even really speak to Flynn."

And Russia today television reported, after talking about the Flynn, Mr Putin then to kelly said: "you and I, in terms of personal relationships, more intimate than my relationship with Flynn. We met last night, today also work together for a whole day, now, we meet again. If the Flynn and I really have to do, that you and I spent the whole day oh, Flynn because I sit together and quit, estimates that you have to be arrested in the prison.


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