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has been on chrome for a long time, the first contact with Chrome, only because chrome icon like Chrome, and then a can not extricate oneself, now chrome almost become a programmer favorite browser, as for the advantages are obvious: Powerful developer tools, responsive, support a variety of plug-ins. There are, of course, some disadvantages, such as a bit of memory, but in this era of cheap hardware, this is almost negligible, today I would like to recommend some of my own use of chrome plug-ins, you can not see elsewhere, so to speak, skilled use of these plug-ins, you will greatly improve the efficiency of the development, force lattice instantly rise a grade.


Direct search in the chrome store can be added


1. Advertising Terminator


Now the website advertisement is again common however, some websites hang advertisement I can accept, but some sites hang ads are outrageous, so I went to look for the next, found this plugin, from your browser thoroughly clean, automatically help you shielding all kinds of ads, as if the whole world quiet, the end of the ad!


2. Tampermonkey


Its Chinese name is “Oil Monkey script”, simple direct point to tell you, it is an artifact, strongly recommended for everyone to install, you can search for some black technology scripts, such as to video ads, download video, and even free to see some of the video site members of the film, and so on, a little sensitive, not to say, you can go to Google search use.


3. Onetab

Highly recommended, the use of the scene is this, we use chrome often open a lot of tab, a lot of will be used, and not willing to close, memory and consumption, this time click on the Onetab, directly all the tab recycling, and then every day of history for you to record, then you can one key to restore a day’s tab, really is for Chrome.


4. Save to Pocket

I believe a lot of people have used pocket, this is I have been learning the necessary app, such as you often read a blog, see Good Articles, and then install a plugin can be directly saved to the pocket, this time your pocket client on your phone synchronizes, whether you’re in the subway or in the bathroom, you can use these fragments to digest the knowledge that you’ve been saving, and it’s much better than using these time brushes, and it’s highly recommended for college students or people who need to learn a lot of work.


5. Click&clean

When we use the browser, we actually produce a lot of data, such as browsing records, caching, private data, cookies and so on, of course, the browser Settings page can generally be manually set up and clean up, but a little trouble, each time to step into the point, to find the corresponding settings, and for ordinary users more difficult to find, then install the plugin, then what is done, directly a page, click on the next can be cleaned up the corresponding data, very convenient, from this step to use Chrome Artificial intelligence model.


6. Avatars for GitHub


As the name implies, the default we can only see the GitHub homepage Dynamic ID, and installed this plugin can see GitHub avatar, let you can know who is, show you my GitHub homepage dynamic.


7. Octotree

This is a awesome, when we are browsing other people’s open source code, but also to clone down a file view, and with this plugin, you can directly in the Chrome sidebar to open the same folder to view other people’s projects, simply. Show me the right way to see my open source project.


8. Awesome screenshot


For regular writers, it is also a strong demand for screenshots, but since the plugin was installed, everything becomes simpler. This plugin supports intercepting parts, intercepting the entire window, intercepting the entire page, and so on, and then automatically opening an editing window, directly to the PS, PS after the end of the direct download to the local, is a screenshot one, very easy to use.


9. Errors Web


When you open a website, want to know the site’s traffic, sources, rankings, competing products and other information how to do? Then be sure to install this plugin, errors Web can directly and conveniently tell you, use it very intuitive, simple.




Outfit force, teach you how to use chrome gracefully, a new tab is no longer a blank, a beautiful picture every day, show you my desktop feeling today.


This is just some of them, the next time to share the rest, how to find these plug-ins, directly with the Chrome extension program search name can be.

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