New Zealand Chinese woman Yingchun Zhu suspected of filmed sex acts with animals video

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According to New Zealand media reports, a Chinese woman Yingchun Zhu in New Zealand involved in animal husbandry and shooting video and killing animals and defendants, and now Yingchun Zhu has now fled to China, because the New Zealand police negligence, so that a suspected animal and animal husbandry and killing animals Of the Chinese female suspects Yingchun Zhu ran. Is the so-called world no wonder no wonder.

A Chinese woman, Yingchun Zhu, who was involved in animal husbandry and slaughtering animals in New Zealand, was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday (June 6). But Yingchun Zhu but ran, and did not appear in New Zealand. Local New Zealand media reported that the female suspect Yingchun Zhu in April 2017 flew to Shanghai, China.

According to the media reported that the person involved is 31 - year - old woman Zhu Ying - chun (transliteration: Yingchun Zhu). In mid-April 2017, Yingchun Zhu was in court for the first time. According to the court case pointed out: Yingchun Zhu suspected of taking their own animal with sexual behavior of the process, and the animal sex video sent to the network up. While also killing rabbits and kittens. Yingchun Zhu was charged with nine counts of cruelty and 11 counts of making bad films. Yingchun Zhu denied all charges, but ran back to China.

Originally Yingchun Zhu should appear again on Tuesday, but the last no news. "New Zealand Herald" broke the news that: because New Zealand police officers negligence, and did not include her in the watch list, so Yingchun Zhu in New Zealand local time on April 20 morning, take the plane to leave New Zealand fly back to China, fled.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - In April 2017, a 31-year-old New Zealand Auckland woman, Yingchun Zhu, went to court in the north court of Auckland, New Zealand, after making a series of human animals to hybridize and cruel to animals and record video, At that time, Yingchun Zhu was bail pending trial until June 6 again in court. However, Yingchun Zhu did not appear on time court, at present, the New Zealand police are looking for the whereabouts of the woman.New Zealand Chinese woman Yingchun Zhu suspected of filmed sex acts with animals video

New Zealand court documents show that Yingchun Zhu is suspected of abusing and killing rabbits and kittens, shooting video into animals and sexually transmitted to the network.

Yingchun Zhu lives on Sunnynook on the north shore of Auckland, and Yingchun Zhu faces a total of nine allegations of cruelty to animals, 11 allegations of making and publishing bad videos.

According to the New Zealand Herald, a 31-year-old Chinese woman, Yingchun Zhu (English name: Christina Zhu), fled New Zealand and arrived in China on April 20. It is reported that Yingchun Zhu is facing sexual behavior with animals, and there is a series of allegations of animal behavior, but because of police work errors, the New Zealand police failed to prevent her from fleeing.

Yingchun Zhu is accused of sex with the animals and takes the process into video. Court documents show that rabbits and kittens are often killed by Yingchun Zhu.

In April this year, the "New Zealand Herald" had reported that Yingchun Zhu in a series of acts of cruelty to animals, in the Auckland North Shore District Court trial, Yingchun Zhu at the time of all 20 charges are not guilty.

New Zealand reported that Yingchun Zhu was a petite woman who did not speak in the April 2017 trial, when Yingchun Zhu was bailed until June 6, Yingchun Zhu she will go to court again. During the bail, Yingchun Zhu can not access the Internet and can not have any animal or pet. Yingchun Zhu She must also allow the police to enter the home to check to ensure that she has kept the bail condition.

However, to June 6 again when the trial, Yingchun Zhu did not appear on time, the police subsequently issued a warrant of arrest, and called on people to provide clues. "New Zealand Herald" was informed that Yingchun Zhu in the first trial after a week, that is, April 20, take the New Zealand flight to Shanghai departure.
This incident also led to some of the industry's criticism of the police action slow.

New Zealand Chinese woman Yingchun Zhu suspected of filmed sex acts with animals video

But the New Zealand police claimed that they would contact the relevant authorities in China to win Yingchun Zhu (Zhu Yingchun) back to New Zealand.

Now Interpol and New Zealand police liaison officers stationed in Beijing have been involved in the arrest of Yingchun Zhu.

On the morning of April 13, 2017, Yingchun Zhu refused to plead guilty to all 20 charges when the court was first tried.

The court ordered another trial on Tuesday, but Yingchun Zhu did not appear as scheduled and the police had issued an international order.

If you know the whereabouts of Yingchun Zhu, please call 09 477 5004 to contact the Auckland North Coast Police Station immediately.