Nintendo Construction at Kansai Airport Switch demo area Nintendo Check In

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Nintendo Switch is Nintendo 2017 flagship game console products, the use of home console integrated design. Its handle mode is very novel, when combined can play some large games, when you can let the two players in a game at the same time play.

For a long time Nintendo is the main game and family, Nintendo advertising is also true: through high gameplay, home entertainment to strong IP, such as "Mario" to promote their own Switch. But for the game machine, watching 10,000 eyes are not as good as playing 20 minutes.

Japan Kansai area is a tourist destination, especially when visitors want to visit the Kyoto area, usually choose to fly to Kansai International Airport, and then take other ground transportation to (Kyoto is full of historical sites, the Japanese side to protect, so not Local airports).Nintendo Construction at Kansai Airport Switch demo area Nintendo Check In

Nintendo heart is also clear that the screen technology is not their own core competitiveness, and these high gameplay game must be started to understand in the end where fun. So directly in Japan Kansai Airport Building 1 built a Switch demo area, called Nintendo Check In. And the "Super Mario: Odyssey" posters posted in the Kansai Airport in various locations.

Nintendo Check In demo area opened on June 23, 2017, the initial size is not large, only about 100 square meters. According to the design blueprint, this demo area is different from the traditional airport shop, completely independent of the construction in the airport channel, the current opening time for the local time 10:30 to 5:30 pm.Nintendo Construction at Kansai Airport Switch demo area Nintendo Check InNintendo Check In

Visitors to Kansai Airport in Japan are spending more on other travelers who use other modes of transport. At the same time, tourists arriving at Kansai Airport in Japan also have the majority of foreign tourists with the nature of tourism. These two points is Nintendo set up two reasons for the test shop.


But Nintendo heart is also clear, Moore's Law, the game market life is getting shorter and shorter, the game is shorter. The creation of such a test shop, it means to spend a lot of energy to ensure that both from outside to inside to keep up with the current game market environment, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired results.

Nintendo Switch is currently selling 2.4 million units, at the end of 2017, will reach 5 million units. Asia Pacific and North America are large sales areas. It is because of its more than expected hot sales, Nintendo issued a letter of apology to say that the switch capacity problems immediately resolved.

Switch's sale makes Nintendo into a new height, the stock price in 52 weeks grew nearly 3 times, PE reached 58.39.

For Nintendo is likely to test the water project, the Japanese economic news that Nintendo in Japan to invest 60 billion yen in large areas to build the main park - super Nintendo world. The new tour area will first open the "Mario Racing" theme of the amusement items, restaurants and peripheral products store. The amusement program will further increase the number.