33-year-old woman Judy Malinowski, Ohio, has been set on petrol by her boyfriend, resulting in 80% burns, two ears and two fingers melted on the spot, the face almost disfigured, back and buttocks still have a large number of wounds can not heal, 2 years have undergone 56 surgeries, and finally because the weak body can not continue to sustain pain, and died on June 27.


Judy Malinowski was attacked by a 41-year-old boyfriend, Michael Slager, at a gas station in 2015, when she was dragged out of the car and then sprayed with petrol to ignite the ignition. Michael Slager later argued that he was only trying to light a cigarette and was “accidentally dropped” before it was ignited and sentenced to 11 years ‘ imprisonment. It is thought to be too lenient, and some members hope to enact legislation to allow the perpetrators of similar cases to increase their sentence by 6 years.

Judy Malinowski

The girl was burned by her ex-boyfriend with petrol and 80% large areas of burns. The ex-boyfriend spilled petrol! The ear fingers melted on the spot she underwent 56 painful surgeries (pictured/taken from YouTube)


Judy Malinowski, 80% Skin 4 to 5 burns in the flames, prevented her from walking and talking, and because her body was too weak to be prone in surgery, causing a large area of burns in her back to heal, has been hospitalized until May last year, returned home to receive care treatment, her mother June 27 to confirm the death of the daughter of the news, “the child endured 2 years of suffering, only to tell the public their own story, who can have such ability?” 」

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