@OnLeaks re-suspected Apple “iPhone 8” real machine model

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With the passage of time, from the much-anticipated "iPhone 8" officially released more and more close, according to the practice of the past few years, Apple will be released in September a new generation of flagship. More and more exposure plans began to appear on the network, it seems that we are from this device is also getting closer to the real machine. This does not, @ OnLeaks will continue to show us the suspected "iPhone 8" real machine model.

From today's photos of these photos, this "iPhone 8" basically and previous rumors of this "iPhone 8" compared to the previous generation with a new design, screen ratio increased a lot, this main Thanks to the new iPhone using a comprehensive screen design, as well as the front of the screen above the "forehead" new design of the space. Other aspects of the appearance, the most obvious change is that it uses a vertical double photo of the layout, the other can see the power button has a little lengthened feeling. In addition, according to the news, "iPhone 8" will only provide a black version, or as in the figure.

@OnLeaks re-suspected Apple

@OnLeaks re-suspected Apple @OnLeaks re-suspected Apple @OnLeaks re-suspected Apple

Of course, "iPhone 8" is the biggest suspense or Apple will be used for fingerprint identification program. At least from these pictures, we can not guess