Photos of China’s newest stealth strategic bomber,H-20

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Recently suspected China's latest stealth strategic bomber H - 20 photos of exposure on the Internet, has revealed that, the machine now has entered the stage of small batch production, but doubt the truth of the news. Russian media has analysis, H - 20 intercontinental is 12000 kilometers, the largest load of 8 pieces of maximum range of 3000 kilometers "sword - 30" cruise missiles, covering north American intercontinental strategic deterrent.

On September 1, 2016, the PLA air force commander ma xiaotian confirmed for the first time that China was developing a new generation of long-range bombers. In the not long ago, the "CCTV" news programs in China's next generation bomber imagine figure, and clearly write the number of "H - 20", almost certainly the original China's new generation of long-range bombers.

Images from the official media reveal that the h-20 "flyer layout" is similar to the b-2a stealth strategic bomber. Professional personage points out, China can design their own large bombers, mainly have three key technologies: first, annihilates - 20 Chinese entirely the advent of stealth composites in the application of a new generation of aircraft, and stealth design is ripe; Second, the success of the y-20 shows that China has basically mastered the structural design and aerodynamic characteristics of large aircraft. Third, h-6k's improved success proves that China has achieved new breakthroughs in the power and missile composite mount of large bombers.Photos of China's newest stealth strategic bomber,H-20

China central television (CCTV), a Chinese broadcaster, used to expose an image of the h-20 in a news report, similar to the U.S. b-2a stealth strategic bomber.

Chinese media reports, H - 20 12 cutting-edge technology, fiber contains flight control, glass cockpit and multimodal compatible satellite navigation system, phased array of radar to sea attack, titanium alloy bearing structure, composite missile mounts inside machine, the body's extensive use of composite materials, special canopy multispectral stealth coating, metal coating, DSI machine back inlet, contraction type aerial refueling interface, engine thrust vector control device, etc.

Russian military messenger, weekly analysis, the people's liberation army H - 20 basic performance is clear, its biggest intercontinental is 12000 kilometers, combat patrol radius 6000 kilometers, the largest amount of payload not less than 20 tons. The bomber only has a bomb silo in the aircraft, which can be up to 12 to 14 bombs. The rotating launcher of the central projectile can carry up to eight long sword-30 cruise missiles with a maximum range of 3,000km, and two silos can carry long-range supersonic anti-ship missiles. China plans to launch the h-20 by 2018, formally delivering the military in 2021.

China's development of stealth long-range bombers may be close to the "flight wing" of the U.S. b-2a. Consider all the message, the so-called "red - 2 B" (H - 20) range should be more than 10000 kilometers, the load capacity between 20 to 30 tons, equipped with the latest generation of air-launched long-range cruise missiles.