According to ZDNET and other technology media reports, July 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a lawsuit, officially banned the use of VPN in Russia Internet.

The so-called VPN, the “virtual private network”, rely on this technology, some enterprises or users can maintain a special overseas communication channels, browse the contents or the parent company network to establish a communication connection.

Putin signed the law, has been previously approved by the Russian state Duma. It is reported that the new law will be in November this year, officially entered into force.

Leonid Levin, a concerned person at the State Duma, said the new law passed was not meant to restrict citizenship in Russia, but to prevent access to foreign “illegal content”.

Russia vpn

Earlier, the Russian government had asked overseas Internet companies, the Russian citizens of the data stored in the Russian server. In addition, the Russian government also requires the telecommunications company to save a year of Internet users data.

According to reports, some of the Internet restrictions on the measures, leading to VPN in Russia began to pop up, some people mainly use the VPN to visit the Russian government ban foreign websites.

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