Report says Amazon plans to launch news application anytime

Last weekend, the foreign media AFTV News reported that Amazon is about to launch the application anytime. This application is considered to have a variety of functions, including voice and video calls, Cross-platform support, encrypted chat and even picture sharing and games. The media said in a report that they had received screenshots of a survey launched by Amazon, which provides customers with insight into what functions are critical to them.


Amazon has not yet confirmed the news. While both Facebook and Google’s rivals already have huge user base and functional channels for users to access their platforms, Amazon has some technical support to develop a competitive products.

Amazon has launched an impressive cloud infrastructure business not only to support several of the world’s major online services, but also to generate more than $12 billion in revenue last year. In addition, the company launched a video conferencing tools earlier this year, and recently added voice and video call functions to an intelligent stereo such as ECHO.

Foreign media believe Amazon can use these technologies to launch anytime similar to micro-letters. E-commerce giants can also easily make shopping in chat applications possible and integrate with other services.

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