Russia announces the list of 28 primary elections for the 2018 World Cup

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In May 11th, the host of the 2018 World Cup host Russia announced a list of 28 primaries for the war, with 4 doors, 9 defenders, 11 midfielders and 4 forwards, and 7 on the alternative list.

Russia announces World Cup 28 primaries list

The Russian national team announced the list of primaries

In the upcoming World Cup, Russia is host, they are divided into group A, and the opponents of the same group are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

On this list, the position of the goalkeeper is Akinfeev's seat, and on the defence line, there are nyebertate, who is in the field, the former Real Madrid player, the current Cheri Scherf for the Villarreal, and the Smolov in the front.

According to the official website of the Russian football association, in May 18th, the Russian team will gather and meet in the north, and then in May 20th, the team will fly to Austria to prepare for war. Before the world cup, Russia will have two games. The specific timetable for Russia's preparations will be announced next week.

Attached to the Russian list:

Goalkeepers: Akinfeev (Moscow Central Army), Gabulov (Bruges), Zaza Jef (Kazan Ruby), Runev (St Petersburg Zenit);

Russia announces the list of 28 primary elections for the 2018 World Cup

Defenders: Campo Rolf (Kazan Ruby), Campo Rolf (Kazan Ruby), Kudrya Sao J (Kazan Ruby), Kurt Boff (Moscow Sparta), Neustadt (Farenair Pace), Constantine - rush (Moscow dynamo), Grozny, smorioff (St Petersburg Zenit), Mali O - Fernandes (central army of Moscow);

Midfield: Shinseki (Krasnodar), Golovin (Central Army Moscow), Dzagoev (central army of Moscow), Ye Luoxin (Zenit, St Petersburg, Zenit, St Petersburg, Zenit), Zobnin (Moscow Sparta), Kuzya Jef (St Petersburg Zenit), and Anton Milan chuck (Moscow train) Head), Samer Dov (Moscow Sparta), Tasha Jef (Moscow dynamo), Cheri Scherf (Villarreal);

Striker: Juba (Taura Arsenal), Milan Qiu Ke (Moscow locomotive head), Smolov (Krasnodar), Chanov (Moscow Central Army).

Short list:

Guilherme (Moscow train), Ignatyev (Moscow train head), Comba Rolf (Moscow Sparta), grace (Moscow Sparta), Shvets (Grozny), Szabo Lott Hei (St Petersburg Zenit), Poloz (Saint Peter Bo Zani Te).


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