Recently, Russia’s second batch of China’s Su -35 fighters to complete the delivery, which is much ahead of schedule ahead of time, according to the US “Air Force Online” website reported that the Russian Air Force announced that this year will be equipped with all the Soviet -35 fighters to upgrade, in the previous Syrian conflict, Russia first sent Su-35 to participate in actual combat, although the value of the war, but also exposed a series of problems, the Russian military will be based on practical experience to its targeted , And is expected to complete all work by the end of 2017.

US experts said that as all the new fighters, although the design of outstanding, but in high-intensity combat will always expose such a problem, Syria’s operational experience to Russia to realize that this is known as “the closest to the five generations of machine” Of the fighters there are many problems need to be resolved, so brewing for a large-scale upgrade, and previously transferred to China’s Su-35 is not in the range.

Russian military expert Borisov said one of the major upgrades was to modify the engine air intake design and install a small baffle to block “small stones” that were easily sucked into the engine, at a poor airport in the Middle East. Kind of design proved to be very necessary, after a number of Su-35 in the implementation of the task before the discovery of engine problems. In addition, the Russian military will also Su -35 avionics equipment hardware and software upgrades, in particular, to strengthen the ground attack function, due to the actual combat found, Su-35 in the ground to combat the main use of precision guidance Weapons, so the corresponding software modifications must be made.

US experts said that the whole, the Russian air force for the Su-35 is more satisfied, especially for the previous criticism of many of the “Snow Leopard -S” passive phased array radar, the Russian military said that fully meet the operational needs. Russian troops want to get new features, including the US fighter equipped with photoelectric targeting pod and other new equipment to further improve the Soviet-35 comprehensive combat capability.

Russian experts said that such a large number of applications such as the Soviet Union-35 generation of new aircraft in the service at the beginning of a number of small problems are very normal, through the use of the process of solving problems, to make Su -35 fighter more reliable, Ability to further improve.

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