Russian robot Promobot “accident” to save the little girl, is it a coincidence or a show?

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A surveillance video from Russia's Perm University of Technology (Perm Polytechnic University) showed that a robot named Promobot rescued a little girl who was about to be overwhelmed by the shelves at a critical moment. But such a warm news is likely to turn upside down, as some suspect it is the company that developed the robot.


Bizarre video


As you can see from the video, Promobot was in a hall at Perm Polytechnic University. It was the graduation ceremony of Perm Polytechnic University, the opening of the school, and the influx of tourists into the campus. The little girl is also a visitor to the school with her parents.


The girl saw the metal shelves of sundries in the hall, and when no one noticed it began to climb, the robot Promobot slowly to the little girl. The box on the shelf was pulled down, the metal frame crumbling, soon to collapse, Promobot lifted an arm to hold the shelf. The little girl had a false alarm and ran away.


If the robot is not shot, such a heavy metal frame hit the girl, the consequences are unimaginable.

Russian robot Promobot

But there are a few details in the video that are questionable. The first was that before the little girl entered the area, a security rope to stop the tourists was gone, which gave her the chance to climb the dangerous shelf. But it is common sense that safety ropes will not be withdrawn for no reason.


The second detail is that, from the video, there is only one shelf on the corridor, apparently not a place to store things. So is it a little embarrassing that the shelves are all alone?


The third suspicious place is that they should be empty from the way the box is dropped. And then there's the problem: Who's going to put the sealed empty boxes on the shelf?

Russian robot Promobot

There is a point of illogical, when the box down, the video came and go in the crowd unexpectedly nobody noticed such a big movement, and even no one turned around to see what happened, came to check the little girl was injured.


The weirdest thing is that the client--the little girl in the video--did not show any fear after an "awful" accident. In the video, after the robot held the shelf, the little girl just paused for a little while and then ran away.


"Mirror Mode" saves people


"We were preparing for graduation, and the opening ceremony was supposed to be a robot," said Oleg Kivokurtsev, manager of the "promobot Robotics company." Our plan is to get the robots onstage to congratulate the graduates, reminding them that the future belongs to robots. " 」


Kivokurtsev is also one of the developers of this robot. Promobot's rescue was "completely spontaneous", he said, and they did not design "rescue" skills when developing promobot. Promobot's response is due to its "self-learning" ability.


Promobot's "mirror pattern" allows it to mimic human behavior. It is clear that the robot in the video is opening this mode, so it will be like a little girl, moving to the shelf, lifting the arm just to hold the shelf.


Kivokurtsev added: "The little girl was playing, then she pulled the metal shelf, and the robot avoided her injuries, but we didn't write" save people "before we programmed. 」


But it is not clear why Promobot's "mirror Mode" is automatically turned on, and the identity of the little girl in the video is currently uncertain.


Questioning sound


For the Promobot Rescue video, the well-known Science and technology website Atlas Obscura and BGR questioned. They think there are many contradictions in the video, giving a feeling of being "too perfect to be true".


In addition, the news comes entirely from Promobot's research and development team, rather than from outside sources of information, and a bit more questionable.


The robot has done a lot of bizarre things in the past-two attempts to "run away" from the lab, and a meaningful answer when answering questions.


Last June, another video related to Promobot was circulated online. Promobot, who was designed as a shopping mall shopper, tried to "escape" from the experimental base. Its designers said they had taught it to dodge obstacles and put it in a courtyard with doors. The result Promobot unexpectedly ran out, finally because the battery exhausted, stopped in the middle of the road, also caused traffic jam.


Two months later, another video streamed out. In the video, Promobot's developers are watching the Rio Olympics, and Promobot is also in the room. Some people say that 2014 years of Sochi Winter Olympics is better, then promobot like suddenly alive, gave a long and deep answer, bluffing developers hurriedly put it off.


These absurd robot events have been a cause for concern in the past, but others accuse it of being false.
Although robotics has interpreted Promobot as a coincidence, it has aroused attention and interest. Many people hope that the cold robot, in addition to the "smart", but also more human "consciousness."


In the past artificial intelligence has not yet discovered consciousness, and they are just constantly developing intelligence. Computers are better than humans in many ways, such as solving problems. But they can not solve some of the human use consciousness and emotional feelings to solve the problem, which is not able to achieve artificial intelligence, but also the direction of future efforts.


According to the Three Laws of robotics, the first rule of robotics is not to harm human beings, or to witness the danger of human beings. This time the "robot to save the playful girl" behavior is what I expected, but this time it looks more like a package of promotional activities, perhaps we need to be protected by the robot that day obviously not so soon Å arrival.