YotaPhone since the debut, it was a lot of attention, after all, this is a Russian brand mobile phone, as the Russian local brand, YotaPhone biggest feature is the main dual-screen electronic paper ink screen. Its second-generation products Yotaphone 2 release also dates back to the beginning of 2015, now have two years later, the third generation of products have not seen the trace, but now Russia broke the news YotaPhone3 really want to come.


Russia’s dual-screen mobile phone YotaPhone3 debut Harbin fourth Russian-China Fair, YotaPhone3 is a dual-screen design, will provide 64GB and 128GB two versions, priced at $ 350 and $ 450 respectively.

Earlier, the Russian media reported that the Russian Yota Devices general manager Liu Demei Fei Fiduo Luo said that the company plans to start in the second quarter of 2017 in China sales YotaPhone3, YotaPhone3 software developed by the YotaPhone company’s Russian team, is currently To seek the production of Chinese manufacturers, in addition, the phone will first be located in China and the Russian market, followed by other international markets.

According to the news that the new YotaPhone3 phone is not entirely developed in Russia, the aircraft a series of software and design by the Hong Kong and Shenzhen designers to complete. R & D said the Chinese version of the YotaPhone phone will install a series of popular local application software, including Baidu search, WeChat, etc., and these software can run on both screens at the same time.

But for YotaPhone3 mobile phone equipped with the operating system is still unknown, the official also said that the third generation YotaPhone will no longer carry Andrews system, but from the Finnish company Jolla Sailfish OS flagfish system. Of course, in addition to Sailfish OS system, Yota Devices company can also choose Tizen or Ubuntu Touch these systems. For now, YotaPhone3 equipped with the system is still unknown.


Yota Devices had to find a new cell phone maker because of a problem with YotaPhone’s foundry. Now there is news that the company is working with ZTE on the production of the third generation of YotaPhone to discuss the issue. It is understood that Yota Devices and Xingfei Communications, ZTE supply chain companies and other hand, together to create the third generation of dual-screen mobile phone YotaPhone 3.

It is reported that Yota Devices’ shareholders are comprised of several companies: China Baoli Technology Holdings Limited (30%), Russian National Technology Group (25.1%), MTH Limited (10%), and 34% Telconet Investment Fund. Obviously the Chinese figure appears in this phone, in addition, the phone will first be located in China and the Russian market, followed by other international markets, if not expected, may be in this year’s Golden Brick Summit in Russia and China starting.

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