Samsung released a new chip, the future MacBook Pro optional 4TB SSD solid state hard drive

The latest MacBook Pro can be the best matching 2TB SSD solid state hard drive. According to iFixit site dismantling, support 2TB SSD because Apple uses two 1TB Samsung V-NAND chip board. Today, Samsung announced that it will launch 1TB V-NAND chip in 2018, which means that next year a V-NAND chip board, you can integrate two 1TB SSD chip, which is 2TB.

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro on the current motherboard, front and side are equipped with a Samsung SSD, which means that next year, MacBook Pro will be able to match the highest 4TB SSD. Of course, the current matching 2TB SSD price has been very expensive, the future do not know whether Apple will choose to continue to increase the capacity.

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