Sandbox game “MineCraft” biggest update: cross-platform unified version

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The "MineCraft" game player has a good news - with the recent launch of the Xbox One X game console, which can be used to play "MineCraft" through any device, the US Eastern Time on June 11 morning news. As one of the big items of the electronic entertainment show (E3), Microsoft talked about the recent update of the "MineCraft" game.

"MineCraft" in the game, mobile and Windows 10 platform at the same time to complete the update.

The newer version has better graphics and cross-platform support for Windows 10 players and mobile device users to play "MineCraft" games.

As part of the update, "MineCraft" removed the special brand associated with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile games or virtual reality, and is called "MineCraft". Java version is still retained, that is, still support the original PC game.

The company said the purpose of setting up a unified brand is to let buyers know that they are playing the same game, although the use of different equipment, but we can play together.

Support for unified version of the game equipment include: Windows 10, iOS, Android, XBox One, Nintendo Switch

If the player has a mobile or virtual reality version of the "MineCraft" game, the game can be updated in the summer. Players with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions can get an update for free, and the player has created the world to run in new games.Sandbox game

The new update also means that all devices can download any downloadable content. Therefore, the game package purchased via mobile phone can also be used on Xbox and Windows 10.

The company said that as an additional offer, "MineCraft" will be put into a server browser for the latest updates. The four servers that had been previously introduced - Lambboat, Mineplex, Inpvp and Cubecraft - allowed players to join the public server, with millions of users on the public server last month.

The public server is different from Minecraft Realms, which is a private cloud hosting server that can be used to build a smaller number of groups.

The company finally said it would provide users with a new graphics package - better light effects, shadows and water effects.