Senegal has 12 days off to support the national team’s participation in the Russian World Cup.

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Senegal, the African International, was divided into group H in the Russian World Cup, which is the second time in Senegal's history to compete in the world cup, so it has also attracted the attention of Senegal all over the country. According to the news of the French media "team newspaper", President Sall of Senegal personally gave the flag for the national team and announced that he would leave for 12 days in June to watch the ball to support the national team in Russia.

Senegal has only participated in a world cup in history, in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, but they have been impressed by all the fans on the World Cup stage. The first war champion France, they hit a cold door with a score of 1-0.

The Russian World Cup, Senegal, 16 years after another chance to get the competition, they have the same group of rivals Poland, Japan, Columbia, in this group, there is no absolute big team, so Senegal has the possibility of a small promotion.

Senegal has 12 days off to support the national team's participation in the Russian World Cup.

At present, Senegal has started the World Cup preparations, and in order to encourage the national team to achieve good results in the world cup, President Sall of Senegal invited the Senegal national team to the presidential palace and set the flag for the national team. Sall said, "my dear players, I'm glad to give you a flag. The flag is a symbol of our national sovereignty, and a symbol of our country's glorious history. Under this flag, you will participate in the world cup. You are going to fight on behalf of our country, and getting that qualification is the result of your hard work." It also shows the vitality of the young people in our country. "

"The people of Senegal are all together, praying that the national team will have a wonderful journey. We must play every game as a final. We must strive to overcome the difficulties and do our best to exceed the limit. We must take the desire to win and strive to realize our dreams. "

Then, he also said that he would come to Russia in June this year to watch Senegal's support for the team: "Senegal will certainly have a strong supporter during the world cup. I was invited by FIFA president Hussein Van Tino to terminate the work for 12 days in June." The field supports the Senegal national team. " Meanwhile, on the social network, there will be 12 days' nationwide holiday in Senegal, but it has not been officially confirmed.

The first battle of Senegal will take place in June 19th. They will fight Poland for the first time, then Japan on 24, and Columbia on the 28. From the opponent's point of view, Senegal's exit will not be too small. Will the president extend his vacation to support the national team?