Silicon Valley Regal Peter Thiel Investment Resurrection Mammoth Project

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US dollar on July 3 morning news, Silicon Valley Regal, PayPal investors Peter Thiel invested 100,000 US dollars, hoping to have long been extinct mammoths to regain new life, after he had publicly on the death of whether it is inevitable to question, that this is "the West World of complacency "sign. He donated money to Harvard University genetics professor George Church, the latter's lab is trying to restore prehistoric creatures. The donation occurred in 2015, Ben Mezrich (Ben Mezrich) in the new book "long hair" (Woolly) for the first time its details were disclosed.

George Church and his team's approach is to extract DNA from the frozen mammoth and use it to transform elephant cells. According to the book's record, so far, the team has succeeded in extracting some elephant cells from the mammoth's fur and transplanting it to mice. The results of this study have not yet been published in any scientific paper.

Peter Thiel's team did not respond to the confirmation of the investment situation, but the Church told the media that the above description is true. "At a breakfast meeting, Peter Thiel told him that he wanted to fund some of the" safest things. " Church presents three options: an anti-aging program involving gene therapy, a project that uses human neurons to create artificial intelligence, and a mammoth project. Eventually, Peter Thiel chose the mammoth.Silicon Valley Regal Peter Thiel Investment Resurrection Mammoth Project

Peter Thiel wants the mammal to die, which is not entirely surprising, and from several interviews it seems that Peter Thiel has always thought that death is a breakable cycle. "It is the most natural, the most humane and the most important thing to solve this problem," he said on the SENS Foundation's website, which is a charitable foundation that will For the need to treat the disease. "I am willing to fight for this."

Peter Thiel's "fight" involves investing millions of dollars in "immortal projects" such as biotechnology and artificial intelligence. According to the company, his investment firm, Thiel Capital, expressed interest in a company called Ambrosia, which is conducting a trial that costs $ 8,000 to extract blood from a teenager in order to regain youthfulness. However, according to the company, Peter Thiel is not a buyer.

He also signed a contract with low-temperature company Alcor, hoping to freeze the body when he died, to be resurrected. This is certainly a great cause