Social TV network: Facebook original program production costs of up to 300 million dollars per set

With the decline in the number of “traditional” cable service subscribers, Netflix and Hulu and other streaming media services have successfully met the needs of the audience on demand, and provide a variety of content for people to choose. And now the world’s largest social media platform Facebook also announced the launch of television programs, which already have billions of audiences.


It is reported that Facebook is preparing to launch original programs to attract these audiences. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook offers up to $ 3 million in production budgets for each episode, allowing the studio to bring its programs to users.Facebook original program

It is said that these video products are aimed at 13-34 year old audience, especially 17-30 year old audience. According to a report released by Business Insider in May, the company aims to provide a range of video content, including scripts and scripts without scripting, quality programs and live sports programs. Most of these programs are expected to be between 10 and 30 minutes per episode.

According to reports, Facebook plans to launch a new original program this summer. Facebook rival Snapchat is the A & E, Disney, MGM, MTV and Time Warner and other big entertainment company’s programs, these programs each time about 3-5 minutes.

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