Sony PlayStation 4 game console and unlock new achievements – PS4 host sales exceeded 60 million units, monthly active users over 70 million, each PS4 host to buy an average of 8 games, is held in Los Angeles E3 exhibition, Sony announced the PS4 host And published a lot of information, including “Spiderman” and “Uncharted 4: A thief’s end” DLC.

Sony said PS4 game console sales not only more than 60 million units mark, and the host players to buy 500 million copies of retail and digital games, the average of each PS4 host have purchased 8 games. PlayStation has 70 million active users, PlayStation Plus has more than 27 million subscribers.

Sony PS4

“We are very grateful to have been supporting PS4, fans and partners from around the world,” said Andrew House, head of PlayStation. “The PS4 platform is in the heyday, and many of the best exclusions and co-games in the game industry will be available this year We will further explore the PS4 ecosystem, expand the PSVR content portfolio and enrich our network services, as well as the introduction of groundbreaking software lineup.We always provide the player with the best gaming experience, And let PS4 become an important platform for passing happy games. “

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